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Osho Audiobook - Individual Talk: The Zen Manifesto: Freedom from Oneself, # 4, (mp3) - light, remembrance, ramakrishna


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Freedom Not Licentiousness

Talk #4 of the Series, The Zen Manifesto: Freedom from Oneself


"Before I answer your questions, I have to talk about a letter by Sarjano.

"The other night I talked about him. He has written a very beautiful and loving letter, but as you know Sarjano, he is lying. I have no objection to it – if you are lying, lie beautifully and totally. A life without lies will be very boring.

"When I told you the remark Sarjano made to Neelam: 'If I don't miss him, why does he miss me?' – he was not right, he was not true. He has been missing – he may not be aware of it.

"Many of you are not aware of what you are missing. Many of you are not aware of what you have forgotten. But his case can be taken as an example."
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Osho continues:
"He told Neelam, 'I am not coming to the discourses because they are too long. I am watching the sky, sitting on my balcony.'

"Do you think the sky is smaller than my discourses?

"And Sarjano was not on the balcony either. He was not even in Pune. I keep myself perfectly aware of where you are. Looking at Sarjano's eyes the other day, I saw that he has been with U.G. Krishnamurti. And not only has he been with U.G. Krishnamurti, he has been taking other people there too.

"There is nothing wrong in it; only one thing has to be remembered: when you are fragile in your growth, people like U.G. Krishnamurti can destroy you. These people have missed their life, and now they are living in frustration. And in frustration people start behaving like women. They start breaking things, throwing things. That's what U.G. Krishnamurti is doing.

"But let him do what he wants to do. It is none of the business of anybody else to come in the way when he is throwing a disk. It is his disk. Why should you get unnecessary wounds? They are not your own.

"It is a misery to say to you that many of you are carrying wounds of others, miseries of others, tragedies of others.

"Have you ever looked at a simple fact – that you don't have to be miserable, it is by choice?

"And if you, Sarjano, were going to U.G. Krishnamurti, you should have told Neelam without lying that you 'are watching the sky.' Now what has happened to the sky? The sky is still there, the balcony is still there, and what are you doing here? And particularly for you, I am going to make the discourse long. I care for my people.

"Today he has written a letter in which he feels afraid that 'perhaps the ghost of Rajneeshpuram will take possession of this commune also.' Sarjano, it is not you speaking, it is U.G. Krishnamurti. He has never lived in a commune.

"A commune gives certain responsibilities and certain freedoms. A commune is not necessarily destructive of the individual. In fact, that is the very purpose of the commune: to preserve the individual, his integrity."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

light… remembrance… health… gibberish… celibate… awakening… growing… ramakrishna… tanka… krishnamurti

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