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Sammasati The Last Word

Talk #11 of the Series, The Zen Manifesto: Freedom from Oneself


"Before the sutras there are a few questions from the sannyasins.

Gerta Ital, a former famous German actress, was the first Western woman who was allowed to enter in a Zen monastery in Japan and to work with an enlightened master.
She wrote two books about her path and her experience of enlightenment. When I read these books I had the impression of a very hard and lonely path. Being with you is much more joyful and playful. Would you like to say something about this difference?

"The traditional Zen is hard. It takes twenty to thirty years of constant meditation, withdrawing all your energy from everywhere and devoting it only to meditation.

"That tradition comes from Gautam Buddha himself. He had to find his enlightenment after twelve years of hard work."
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Osho continues:
"I am changing it completely from the traditional Zen, because I don't see that the contemporary man can devote twenty or thirty years only to meditation. If Zen remains that hard, it will disappear from the world. It has already disappeared from China, it is disappearing from Japan, and it disappeared from India long ago. It remained in India for only five hundred years after Gautam Buddha. In the sixth century it reached China, remained there for only a few centuries, and moved to Japan. And now it is almost extinct from both China and Japan.

"You will be surprised to know that my books are being taught in the Zen monasteries. Zen masters have written letters to me: 'Perhaps now Zen will exist in India, in its original place. It is disappearing from Japan because people are more interested in technology, in science.'

"That is the situation in India too. Very few people are interested in the inner exploration. Here you can find a few people from every country, but these are so few compared to the five billion human beings on the earth. Ten thousand is not a great number.

"Zen has to be transformed in a way that the contemporary man can be interested in it. It has to be easy, relaxed, it has not to be hard. That old traditional type is no longer possible, nor is it needed. Once it has been explored, once a single man has become enlightened, the path becomes easy. You don't have to discover electricity again and again. Once discovered you start using it – you don't have to be great scientists.

"The man who discovered electricity worked on it for almost twenty years. Three hundred disciples started with him and nobody remained because it took so long; everybody became exhausted. But the original scientist continued. His explanation to his own disciples was, 'The more we are failing in finding the root of electricity, the closer we are going to the very root. Every failure is bringing us closer to the discovery.'

"And finally, one night in the darkness, suddenly the first electric bulb started radiating. And you cannot conceive the joy of the man who had been working for thirty years."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

zen… pulsating… sammasati… plane… oceanic… playfully… tozan… jaspers… constantine… kirlian

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