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Can We Celebrate Now?

Talk #15 of the Series, Zen: The Quantum Leap from Mind to No-Mind

"Maneesha, before I discuss the last sutra of this series, I have to say something which concerns the British Parliament.

"After two years the British Parliament is still discussing me, and the Home Secretary lied, just like any politician. He said I was not allowed entry because I could have destroyed the morality, the religion, the character of the country.

"In the first place, I had never asked for entry into England. How can you deny entry to a man who has not asked? I had only asked to remain in the international airport lounge during the night for six hours, because my pilot's time for flying the jet was finished. He had to take a rest by law.

"From the lounge, in the middle of the night, within six hours, how could I manage to destroy the British character, morality, religion? I had no idea – otherwise I would not have even asked about staying in the lounge, which was my right – that the British morality, character, religion all live in the lounge at the international airport."
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Osho continues:
"I had not asked for any entry, and I will never ask, because Britain is the most barbarous country of this century. They have oppressed almost half the world, raped, murdered, and still they think they have morality, they have religion, they have culture.

"Even if this Home Secretary requests me, I am not going to spit on his face in the British Parliament. I want him to answer to the British Parliament, because he has been deceiving his own country by stating a lie.

"But the politicians' whole business is lying.

"Just today I have received the information that one Arya Samaj leader, Swami Agnivesh, is trying for untouchables to be allowed entry into Hindu temples. It is strange and apparently contradictory, but not really so. The shankaracharya of Puri is preventing harijans entering a Hindu temple and another Hindu leader is trying that they should be allowed to enter.

"It appears a contradiction, but it is not; both are playing politics. Swami Agnivesh wants them to enter into temples not because he's against the Hindu scriptures and against the whole Hindu tradition, but just because harijans have twenty-five crore votes. These poor people were oppressed for centuries and not allowed any education, but at least this much sense needs no education at all: if a religion does not want you to enter its temples or to read its scriptures, then why be a part of it?

"Every harijan should get out of the Hindu fold. That will mean they will have one fourth of the parliament in their hands. Let, for the first time in history, the oppressed, the enslaved be the rulers. And women, whether they are harijan or not, should support harijans, because they have also been treated in the same way by the Hindus.

"But it seems man's mind is so irrational that women are the only people who go to the temples, and these temples have reduced women to a secondary status below men. Hindu shastras say that women should be treated just like animals, and still women go on worshipping these shastras and going to these temples.

"Thousands of harijans have been burned alive down the ages. Even today, their whole villages are being burned, their animals, their children, their old peopleeverybody is burned except young women, who are raped."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

awake… spaces… sin… relevant… celebrate… center… basho… mountbatten

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