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Osho Audiobook - Individual Talk: Zen: The Quantum Leap from Mind to No-Mind, # 12, (mp3) - conclusion, insight, sozan


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The Buddha Is in the Paper Bag

Talk #12 of the Series, Zen: The Quantum Leap from Mind to No-Mind

"Maneesha, every master has shed tears for something very special that used to exist in the ancient times. That very special thing is right now, here – the presence, the absolute silence – because only in this silence you go beyond mind and beyond time, you enter into eternity.

"This is what man has lost contact with. And to lose contact with eternity is just like a tree which has been uprooted from the earth. Man is also a tree. He also has roots, although they are invisible. And the contemporary mind has completely forgotten to water those roots, to keep the plant of consciousness alive, so that roses can blossom in your being.

"I hope these anecdotes will take away all the nonsense that the modern times have forced upon you and will give you a taste of eternity."
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Osho continues:
One day Ungan was ill and Dogo asked him a question:
'When you are separated from your bag-of-bones,
where can I meet you again?'
Ungan replied, 'Where there is no birth, no dying.'
Dogo said, 'Don't say that!'
"Now this is something to be understood. We ordinarily understand two things, the positive and the negative. Mind moves between the positive and the negative, for and against. Mind has no approach, no way to go beyond this polarity, this duality, this dialectic. And the whole experience of the buddhas emphasizes only the one thing that is beyond duality, dialectics, beyond yes and beyond no. If you understand this transcendental experience then this statement of Dogo will be immediately understood.

"Why did he say, 'Don't say that'? – because Ungan has used the negative as an expression for the ultimate. That is not only Ungan's fallacy, it is the fallacy of the whole of humanity. Somebody believes in a positive God, in a positive philosophy; somebody negates God, heaven, the creation. But the truth is neither Catholic nor Communist, neither in the yes nor in the no – but beyond both, in the silence.

"When Ungan replied, 'I am going where there is no birth, no dying,' Dogo was absolutely right to be angry with Ungan when he said:
'Don't say that.
Say, 'Where there is not any no-birth and no-dying,
and we don't desire to meet each other again.''
"Dogo is very clear, but only for those who have some experience of that which you cannot confine to the words life or death; which you cannot confine to yes or no, theism or atheism, but which you can simply say through your silence – not through words. You indicate by your presence but not by language; if you try language, you are going to become entangled in difficulties.

"Dogo is trying to say that which cannot be said. Where there is not any no-birth – now it is negation of negation. 'No-birth' is negation, and 'there is not any no-birth' is negation of negation.

"There have been philosophers whose whole philosophy is based on negating everything, negation included. Just deny everything and when nothing is left behind, that silence, that space is your authentic being."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

conclusion… insight… sozan… dogo… hofuku

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