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Enough unto Yourself

Talk #6 of the Series, Zen: The Quantum Leap from Mind to No-Mind

"Maneesha, before I discuss the anecdote I have to say something about your migraine. As I said yesterday, the moment the beast disappears Maneesha's migraine will disappear too. I am not a prophet, but Vimal did make a very existential statement, a real, alive, existential anecdote.

"His being covered in a gorilla coat should not be understood as an individual expression. Everybody is covered with something that is animal. Man has not yet been born! Bodies have changed; it is your mind that is still struggling in deep forests. You have to be freed from your gorilla coats.

"Just in this century an unprecedented one hundred million people have been killed in wars. Do you call this a sane humanity? And rather than helping sanity, people go on insisting that man should not discover himself."
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Osho continues:
"Just a few days before Turiya was in the West and she participated in a new kind of therapy, Fischer-Hoffmann, which is doing immense harm for the future. Ordinarily I don't speak against stupidities. But this stupid effort of Fischer-Hoffmann therapy has to be demolished completely from its very roots. Their effort is to make your ego stronger, although they don't say that is what they are doing; they say they are making your individuality independent. They don't know even the difference between individuality and personality. In the name of individuality they destroy all possibilities of your spiritual growth. You will be left alone with your ego.

"They are teaching people – and they are the most expensive therapists now; their training course runs for one year, and they earn millions of dollars by making people free from their mothers, from their fathers, from their wives, from their husbands, from their masters.

"Before they do any more harm, I appoint Turiya to start here an Anti-Fischer-Hoffmann Therapy group to make it clear that to have your ego does not mean you are free; it simply means you are encaged in your own mind.

"Before you can be really independent, you have to know who you are, who it is beating in your heart; you have to know the universal element, the existential part of your being. Without knowing it, you will be falling again and again into different kinds of bondages. You may be freed from one church, another church will open its door and welcome you. You will be freed from mothers and fathers, then Fischer-Hoffmann will become your father and mother.

"Unless you know that you are alone and enough unto yourself – not with borrowed knowledge, but your own experience The whole effort here is to bring you to a point where freedom blossoms. I am not a fetter to you. Love can never be a fetter, it can never be a prison, and if it is a prison, then it is not love. I know myself; I am sharing with you my delight, my celebration, my arriving home. You are absolutely independent; I am not asking anything from you, just trying to take away that which you are not and forcing consistently on you that which you are."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

god… individuality… licentiousness… rinzai… basho… kennedy

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