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One Cannot Have a Problem

Talk #7 of the Series, Zen: The Quantum Leap from Mind to No-Mind

"Zen is not in the anecdotes. It is just like a fragrance around a roseflower: you cannot catch hold of it, but you can smell it. Zen needs sensitivity – not intellectual, not of the mind, but of your total being.

"These anecdotes from different angles point to the same thing.After a lecture to the monks one morning,
Yakusan was approached by a monk, who said,
'I have a problem. Will you solve it for me?'

"In the first place, nobody can solve anybody else's problem. Deep down you don't have a problem at all, because you are the answer. How can you have a problem? The mind is full of problems, but the mind is not your reality.

"Yakusan must have been a very compassionate master. He said:'I will solve it at the next lecture.'

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Osho continues:
"He is giving time to the monk to see the point, because the next lecture means tomorrow, means that which never comes. 'Drop the problem here! Don't wait for the answer to come from outside sometime in the future.'

"But Yakusan is known to be very kind. He said:
'I will solve it at the next lecture,' Yakusan answered.
That evening, when all the monks had gathered in the hall,
Yakusan called out loudly,
'The monk who told me this morning he had a problem,
come up here immediately!'
As soon as the monk stepped forward
to stand in front of the audience,
the master left his seat and roughly took hold of the monk.
'Look!' he said. 'This fellow has a problem!'
He then pushed the monk aside
and returned to his room
without giving the evening lecture.
"He has answered in that immediacy, when he called the monk to come before the audience.
As soon as the monk stepped forward
to stand in front of the audience,
the master left his seat and roughly took hold of the monk.
'Look! he said. 'This fellow has a problem!'
"This is a very strange thing, because one cannot have a problem! One simply is. All problems are imposed by others on you: you are born as innocence. Innocence has immense clarity to see the wonder that surrounds you, but it has no problems. The questioning will be taught at a later stage, because without questions the mind cannot exist. Mind is nothing but another name for questioning.

"You can try a small thing as an experiment. If you go backward in time, you will stop somewhere near three or four years. Beyond that your memory has not recorded anything. It simply means the first three or four years you lived in tremendous innocence, surrounded by the beauty of the world, of the people, of the trees, of the ocean; not asking why, but simply being together with whatever surrounds you, enjoying, rejoicing, dancing. Mind has not come in yet.

"Our whole educational system is based, programmed, to create the mind in you and to destroy the wonder, to destroy the poetry of your life and to force you to understand the prose and the prosaic.

"Yakusan was right when he told the audience, 'Look, this fellow has a problem!'

"Not even the bamboos have problems."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

sins… past… lost… yakusan… kyozan… ramakrishna

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