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Talk #3 of the Series, Zen: The Solitary Bird

"Maneesha, man has been thinking for centuries about who he is. All great philosophies are born out of this basic question, but no philosophy is the answer.

"Zen, for that reason, should never be understood as another philosophy. It is an anti-philosophical attitude. It is non-thinking, no-mind – just a straight penetration into reality.

"Mind has a habit of going round and round. Its existence is peripheral; only on your circumference does it exist. The moment you jump toward your center it disappears. It cannot go with you, within yourself. It can go with you toward the farthest star – and it is a great companion as far as objective research is concerned. But the same companion becomes the greatest barrier when you turn from the outside and start searching within."
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Osho continues:
"Mind is the instrument for outside inquiry; no-mind is the opening of the door of your inner world. You are not just the body and you are not just the mind. You are much more, you are a mystery that can never be reduced to any language.

"These anecdotes are efforts, out of compassion, to bring to your notice this inexplicable, inexpressible reality of your inner world.
Once, in an assembly of monks, Ummon
"a great Zen master
held up his staff, and said, 'We are told in the scriptures that an ordinary man thinks the staff is a real existence; that those of the Hinayana school of Buddhism take it as nothing; that those believing in the Pratyak Buddha
"that is another school of Buddhism
take it as an illusory existence.'
"Pratyak Buddhas, Hinayana, Shankara, Bradley – there are many philosophers who think that the world you see is simply made of the same stuff as dreams: it is nothing. Although they say so, their behavior does not prove their philosophy. Even Bradley, when going out of his house, does not go out through the wall; he finds the door. If the wall is made of the same stuff as dreams, why bother about the door? Just pass through the wall! You can pass through the mountain if your standpoint is really correct. Why do you go on eating, drinking, clothing your body, when everything is nothing?

"These philosophies can be reduced to a single word – maya, illusion; everything is illusion. And there is a very subtle reason for the insistence on illusion. They want you to renounce the world because it is illusory. As far as I'm concerned, if it is illusory, then there is no need to renounce it. It is not there – what are you renouncing? Your very effort to renounce it makes it real! All the monks and the saints who have renounced the world, have given a certificate that the world is real.

"You don't renounce dreams; I have never heard of a single man in the whole history of humanity renouncing his dreams. One simply wakes up, looks here and there, and finds that there are no dreams."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

buddhas… inward… searching… ummon… bradley

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