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Osho Audiobook - Individual Talk: Zen: The Solitary Bird, # 6, (mp3) - changes, silently, massan


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Talk #6 of the Series, Zen: The Solitary Bird

"Maneesha, entering into the world of Zen is not like any other entering; it is entering in yourself. There is no door, and there is no possibility of doing anything. You have simply to relax so totally that you sink deep within yourself.

"Remember, relaxation is not an activity. It is absence of all activity. And only in the absence of all activity, when you are relaxed to your very being, does the door open to all the mysteries of the world, all the miracles of existence.

"It fills your being with a great dance, although you cannot utter a single word. You hear music that you have never heard, although there is no way to translate it to anyone else. You see flowers blossoming; their colors are absolutely unknown to you."
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Osho continues:
"Your whole being becomes a fragrant luminosity. There is nothing to say about it, you can just be it. And the rays of your silence will start creating and weaving a field around you.

"That's why a master in Zen is not simply a teacher. In all the religions there are only teachers. They teach you about subjects which you don't know, and they ask you to believe, because there is no way to bring those experiences into objective reality. Neither has the teacher known them – he has believed them; he transfers his belief to somebody else. Zen is not a believer's world. It is not for the faithful ones; it is for those daring souls who can drop all belief, unbelief, doubt, reason, mind, and simply enter into their pure existence without boundaries.

"But it brings a tremendous transformation. Hence, let me say that while others are involved in philosophies, Zen is involved in a metamorphosis, in a transformation. It is authentic alchemy: it changes you from base metal into gold. But its language has to be understood – not with your reasoning and intellectual mind, but with your loving heart; or even just listening, not bothering whether it is true or not. And a moment comes suddenly that you see it, that which has been eluding you your whole life. Suddenly, what Gautam Buddha called 'eighty-four thousand doors' open.

"When first translated by Christian missionaries, these anecdotes were translated to show the world that 'Christianity is the only civilized religion, and as a proof look at these stupid dialogues, with no reason and no rhyme!' But everything backfired. They wanted to prove Zen to be a very primitive religion. But to those who were real seekers, on the contrary it proved though every other religion may be primitive, at least Zen is not.

"In the first place, it is not a religion at all. It is not in competition with Christianity or Hinduism or Buddhism or Mohammedanism; it does not belong to that category at all. It has its own category, its own language, its own world, and there is no competitor to it. Its uniqueness is absolute and categorical.

"But you will have to be very loving, very careful in understanding these strange dialogues – because the language seems to be the same as we use, but hidden between the words and between the lines there is a different poetry, a different song, which we are not accustomed to."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

changes… silently… experiencing… massan

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