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The House Where Nobody Lives

Talk #15 of the Series, Zen: The Solitary Bird

"Maneesha, before I enter the world of Zen, something has to be said about the Shankaracharya of Puri – because his declaration that the untouchables are God's people makes it absolutely necessary that God's people should be allowed into every temple which claims to be God's temple.

"Secondly, by declaring the untouchables to be 'God's people,' he himself has become untouchable. He is also part of God's people. He has made the whole of Hindu society harijan. Either all will be allowed into the temples or nobody should be allowed into the temples.

"The poor harijans are being used by the politicians for their own ends. But fortunately Swami Agnivesh, who was trying to take a procession into Nath Dwara temple, could not gather more than one hundred and fifty people."
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Osho continues:
"And as they came closer to Nath Dwara they all disappeared! Even the son of Doctor Ambedkar – who was the great leader of the harijans – did not appear in the procession. He had promised to come. This is a great defeat of Agnivesh, and if he has any intelligence he will see that it means that harijans are so afraid – thousands of years of conditioning cannot be removed by the politicians.

"The only way for the harijans is to ask for a separate vote. Other than that, there is no solution. And no harijan should try to enter any Hindu temple; they can have their own small temples, even in small bamboo huts. But it is insulting to go somewhere where you are unwelcome. There is a limit to everything, but it seems that with thousands of years of condemnation, even the harijans have taken it to heart that they are untouchable – that anyone touching them will become dirty.

"This kind of conditioning cannot be broken by politicians. The harijans need a psychological insight: first they have to be free from being untouchables. Just by entering a temple, they will not be in any way freed from their untouchability. First they have to gain their dignity, their respect. They should refuse to enter any temple, because what kind of temple is it, which denies people? A temple should be open to all. God is not the monopoly of anybody.

"On the one hand, Agnivesh could not collect people, but Nath Dwara temple collected five thousand people to fight if Agnivesh had reached the temple. Fortunately he could not; otherwise those harijans would have been massacred. It has been done in this country for centuries: living harijans have been burned, their villages completely burned. Nobody is allowed to escape, and their women have been raped. They have become accustomed to this kind of humiliation.

"So it is not a question of politicians, it is a question of people of intelligence raising the harijans to their dignity, and of reminding them: 'You are human beings and you need not beg for it from anyone. It is your basic right to be individuals. And it is perfectly right to completely deny the Hindu fold, because it has repressed you for ten thousand years and it is ready, even today, to do the same.'

"It is good that the harijans did not follow Agnivesh, who is just a tiny politician."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

existence… effort… conditioning… temples… pointing… dormant… celebrate… sekishitsu… reagan

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