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Talk #13 of the Series, Zen: The Solitary Bird

"Maneesha, before I enter into the beautiful world of Zen, I have to make a statement about the ugly world that surrounds us.

"Hasya has been on a world tour with a project of creating the atmosphere amongst scientists, artists, painters, musicians, for a World Academy which belongs to no race, to no religion, to no nation, and whose absolute concern is the whole world.

"She is back just today, and she reported to me that she had gone to see the chief editor of the German newspaper, Die Welt. The journalist who had taken her was immensely interested in the project and wanted to write a detailed article about it. He could see the potential of a World Academy of Creative Science, Art and Consciousness as a defense against those who are preparing to destroy the whole world in nuclear warfare."
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Osho continues:
"But the journalist, of course, wanted to ask the permission of the chief editor. Coming out of the chief editor's office he told Hasya that the man had thumped the table and shouted, 'I am a Christian and I will protect the fatherland!' when the journalist had said he wanted to write a positive article about Osho.

"What kind of Christianity is this? Thumping on the table is showing your immense violence. It does not indicate any relationship with Jesus, who said, 'Love your enemies,' and even, 'Love your neighbors.' Unfortunately he forgot to say, 'Love your tables!' They are absolutely innocent. Thumping the table and calling himself a Christian is contradictory: either start learning drum-beating, or be a Christian. To be a Christian is, in its essence, a message of love.

"And unfortunately his famous newspaper is called Die Welt; in English this means 'The World.' And for exactly that purpose Hasya had gone there – to save the world from the destructive politicians all around, all over the world.

"Right now there are five nations with nuclear weapons; by the end of this century there will be twenty-five members in the nuclear club. Every day the possibility of saving the world becomes less and less. He should immediately resign from his newspaper. He does not deserve to be the chief of a newspaper called 'The World.'

"And he also seems stupid in saying, 'I will protect my fatherland.' Only German stupidity calls their country 'the fatherland.' The whole world calls their country 'motherland,' because every child is born out of the mother, not out of the father. The earth is our mother – that seems to be a more symbolic and sensible proclamation than to call one's country 'the fatherland.' That is male chauvinistic. He is neither a Christian nor a gentleman, and he is the chief editor of the famous German newspaper, 'The World.'

"I am going to send Hasya again: go directly to the chief editor, and if he hits the table, hit on his head! He is fast asleep, he needs to be awakened.

"These are the people who are going to destroy the world. He talks about protecting his fatherland and the whole purpose of the World Academy is to bring you to your senses that now nations are out of date – it is either the whole of humanity or no humanity."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

silence… love… light… clean… baso… ummon… adam… truman

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