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Like the Tongue of a Dead Man

Talk #8 of the Series, Zen: The Solitary Bird

"Maneesha, listen carefully.

"The cuckoos are absolutely free to sing their song or not. Listen carefully to the birds, because these sounds are coming from the very center of existence. It is life singing, dancing, rejoicing.

"Before I discuss the anecdote before me, I have a few things to say to you.

"First: you have to be aware that you are living in an insane world. Unless you see the insanity of the world and its behavior, you will never get rid of it. You will always be in bondage.

"Just today I came across the statistic: one million children every year are being sold, at the high price of twenty to forty thousand dollars, for sexual abuse. And this number of one million is not complete, because many countries don't allow a survey."
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Osho continues:
"It is absolutely certain that at least three times more children from poor countries, poor parents, will be sold for sexual abuse. And we call this world sane.

"In New York last year, hundreds of small, just-born, babies were found thrown into junk yards, in gutters, flushed down toilets. What can be more barbarous? And all these people pretend to be part of some religion – Christian, Catholic, Protestant, Hindu, Mohammedan. Why this kind of insane behavior? – because nobody is objecting, because great vested interests are supporting the whole mafia. Your politicians are involved in it; your religious leaders are involved in it. Otherwise, such inhuman acts could not continue. One suspects whether humanity will ever become a culture, a civilization.

"Just today I have received a letter from the Shankaracharya of Puri saying that he wants a debate with me. I am perfectly willing, but on what grounds is he going to debate with me? He has said that if a woman is burned alive, becomes a sati, then in Hyderabad rains will come. Now on what grounds can we discuss this? The only way is that the Shankaracharya should become a sati in Hyderabad! And if rains come, I will accept that he was right. If rains don't come, everybody will know that he was wrong.

"He thinks in terms of scriptures, not in terms of real life. He thinks that he can discuss with me, because in the Hindu scriptures the idea is that a woman whose husband has died has to jump into his funeral pyre. To him, it proves that sati pratha is right. To me, it proves that the scripture has to be thrown into the fire! On what grounds can we discuss?

"Even so-called great saints, avatars – I don't bother how ancient they are: the more ancient, the more rotten.

"A single act is enough to prove that all the statues of Rama should be removed from all the temples. He killed a young harijan boy, because Hindu scriptures say that the poor harijans cannot read the religious scriptures. This boy – although he was not reading, because they have never been allowed any education – was curious."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

understanding… timelessness… temples… seppo… tokusan… tozan… tulsidas… joshu… kennedy… mahakashyapa

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