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Osho Audiobook - Individual Talk: Zen: Zest, Zip, Zap and Zing, # 6, (mp3) - misery, blind, mahavira


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Beauty: Higher than Good, Higher than Truth

Talk #6 of the Series, Zen: Zest, Zip, Zap and Zing

Why do people criticize you as a self-styled and self-appointed god?

"There are many things to be understood. It is one of the most ancient of people's reactions, it is not anything new. It happened with Krishna, with Moses, with Christ, with Mahavira, with Buddha, with Mohammed, with Al-Hillaj Mansoor. It has been happening all along, as far back as one can see.

"People live in misery, and they cannot accept anybody who is not miserable like themselves. To accept that somebody has become blissful is humiliating to them, it wounds their ego. They would like a Jesus, a Buddha, a Krishna, not to be at all, because the height of that Everest suddenly makes them aware of where they are.

"It is said that camels don't want to go near mountains, they are very much against mountains."
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Osho continues:
"Perhaps that's why they live in the deserts where they are the mountains.

"It is easier for people to live in misery, knowing that this is how life is because everybody else is also miserable just like them. But to see somebody flowering – and they are only thorns; to see somebody fragrant – and they are only stinking; to see somebody enlightened – and they are nothing but a dark night of the soul, makes them feel really miserable. It multiplies their misery. The only way is to deny it, to reject it, to say that something like Christ-consciousness, buddhahood, is not possible at all.

"So it is not only with me that they are reacting that way; it is their old tradition, they have always done the same thing. They live in misery and misery is always negative – remember it as one of the most fundamental laws of life.

"Misery is an indication of a negative mind; negativity creates misery. You can see misery, you cannot see their negativity. Misery is visible, it is the circumference, but the center is always 'No' – negativity. Bliss happens with yes: the center is yes, then on the circumference there is bliss. Bliss is visible, but the yes is invisible.

"Sol had a dairy farm in the country where he bred beautiful golden Guernsey cows and also lovely black and white Holsteins.

"One day Jake, a friend from the city, came to visit and suggested, 'So, why don't you cross-breed your cows? There is a fortune to be made in cross-breeding.'

"Sol thought it sounded like a good idea. 'What have I got to lose?' he mused. So he tried it.

"Some time later the friend came back to visit. 'How did the experiment go?' he asked Sol.

"'Well,' answered Sol, 'I did like you said. I cross-bred the golden Guernsey with the Holstein, and what I got I called a Goldstein. But nobody wanted to buy it!'

"'Why was that?' queried Jake.

"'Why? Because,' answered Sol, 'when a customer looked over all the other cows, each of them said, 'Moo-oo!' But when the man came over to my Goldstein, she eyed him and said, 'Nuu-uu!''

"This 'nuu' is very deep in people's hearts, a vast no – no to everything that surpasses them, that is transcendental to their consciousness, no to everything that they have not been able to achieve, no to all the stars, no to the sky, no to all possibilities, potentials, no to every mirror because every mirror makes them feel very sad – they look so ugly."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

misery… blind… fools… games… accepting… beauty… pray… unconscious… quality… mahavira

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