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Osho Audiobook - Selected Indiviudal Talk: Compassion, Love, and Sex (mp3)


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Compassion, Love, and Sex

Talk #8 of the Series, A Sudden Clash of Thunder

"Only compassion is therapeutic – because all that is ill in man is because of lack of love. All that is wrong with man is somewhere associated with love. He has not been able to love, or he has not been able to receive love. He has not been able to share his being. Thats the misery. That creates all sorts of complexes inside." Osho
AudioBook - Details Talk from the original series: A Sudden Clash of Thunder, #8
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"Thats why I say compassion is therapeutic. What is compassion? Compassion is the purest form of love. Sex is the lowest form of love, compassion the highest form of love. In sex the contact is basically physical; in compassion the contact is basically spiritual. In love, compassion and sex are both mixed, the physical and the spiritual are both mixed. Love is midway between sex and compassion." Osho
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Osho continues:
"You can call compassion prayer also. You can call compassion meditation also. The highest form of energy is compassion. The word ′compassion′ is beautiful: half of it is ′passion′ – somehow passion has become so refined that it is no more like passion. It has become compassion.

"In sex, you use the other, you reduce the other to a means, you reduce the other to a thing. That′s why in a sexual relationship you feel guilty. That guilt has nothing to do with religious teachings; that guilt is deeper than religious teachings. In a sexual relationship as such you feel guilty. You feel guilty because you are reducing a human being to a thing, to a commodity to be used and thrown away.

"That′s why in sex you also feel a sort of bondage – you are also being reduced to a thing. And when you are a thing your freedom disappears, because your freedom exists only when you are a person. The more you are a person, the more free; the more you are a thing, the less free." Osho

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