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The original book title was The Book of the Books, Vols 1 - 6.
Now reissued in twelve volumes as: The Dhammapada: The Way of the Buddha

Osho Audiobooks - Series of Talks: The Dhammapada: The Way of the Buddha, Vol. 11 (mp3)


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The Dhammapada: The Way of the Buddha, Vol. 11

Osho calls the incomparable Dhammapada sutras of Buddha, "the book of books."

Osho explains that these sutras are concerned with aspects of man′s unawareness, and that Buddha′s whole message is concerned with the raising of our consciousness. These sutras were compiled by Buddha′s disciples to contain the essence of all his teachings. This was the last turning of the Wheel of Dharma, 2,500 years ago. At the beginning of his commentaries on these sutras, Osho says he is setting the Wheel of Dharma in motion again.

He also responds to questions from disciples and seekers in alternate discourses, with a generous sprinkling of stories, personal anecdotes and, of course, a multitude of jokes. Visually this boxed set is stunning, without doubt a collector′s piece and twelve volumes to treasure for years to come.
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Excerpt from: The Dhammapada: The Way of the Buddha, Vol. 11, Chapter 1
"The story is: Gods from heaven came. They were very much worried because only once in a while does a person become awakened, and if he remains absolutely silent the world will miss his message. And his message is a medicine for those who are dying; his message is a nourishment for those who are starving for truth. His message can be a boat to the other shore. His message has to be delivered, he has to be persuaded. They came, and they argued.

"But Buddha said, ‘You must agree with me that nobody was able to help me – of course, I knocked on many doors – because it is something which is not transferable. Even if they had it they could not give it to me; I had to find it by my own effort. Hence I think that is the only way: people have to seek and search; it cannot be borrowed.’

"He was right and the gods had to agree. And he said, ‘Even if I say it, only one out of ten thousand people will understand. The remaining ones will not understand; on the contrary, they will misunderstand. So why create so much misunderstanding in the world? The world is already in confusion – why create more confusion? Out of compassion I am keeping quiet. And the one who will understand will find it himself anyway. The man who can understand what I say is so intelligent that really he needs no help. So what is the point? Why should I bother?’

"The gods were silenced. They moved into the woods to ponder over the matter. ‘How to convince the Buddha? He appears to be right, he is logical, but some way has to be found.’ It is good that they were able to find some way, otherwise we would have missed the dhammapada; these beautiful sutras would have been missed. The world would have been far poorer. The whole credit goes to those anonymous gods who persuaded Buddha!

"They pondered over the matter for hours; they found a way. They came back and they said, ‘We agree with you, but only on one point we cannot agree. And that point is that we understand that only one person will understand out of ten thousand, so you need not bother about that one person; he will find himself sooner or later. It is only a question of time, and time does not matter because existence is eternal. So what does it matter, how does it matter, whether one achieves today and somebody else achieves tomorrow or the day after tomorrow? All those who have become awakened are contemporaries; it does not make much difference at all.’

"That's why I say I am a contemporary to Buddha, a contemporary to Jesus, a contemporary to Zarathustra, a contemporary to Lao Tzu. Once you know, you become contemporary to all the knowers. All small time gaps simply disappear, they are so tiny. Twenty-five hundred years make no difference at all." Osho
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

breathing... hell... life... alone... pain... understand... beginning... alexander... sharda... krishna...

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