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The original book title was The Book of the Books, Vols 1 - 6.
Now reissued in twelve volumes as: The Dhammapada: The Way of the Buddha.

Osho Audiobooks - Series of Talks: The Dhammapada: The Way of the Buddha, Vol. 03 (mp3)


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The Dhammapada: The Way of the Buddha, Vol. 03

More than 2,500 years ago, Gautama the Buddha walked the earth, teaching to all who would listen. Buddhist lore has it that shortly after he passed away, his disciples met to recall all that they were able of the truths that Buddha had spoken. These sayings were complied into The Dhammapada, an anthology of 423 verses containing the essence of his principles.

Osho is one of the most provocative mystics of our time, who inspires millions of people worldwide in their individual search for meditation and transformation. Through his talks on the teachings of Buddha, Osho creates a bridge from the highest peaks of human consciousness to the everyday challenges of contemporary life.

Osho shines a light on Buddha′s continual emphasis on freedom. In contrast to the many religions today that stress the importance of belief, these sutras illustrate that a genuine search needs, not a mind filled with knowledge, but a totally open approach. Inquire, don′t believe!

The search is for freedom: from the past, from the ego, from the mind, from all that limits man in his inward journey. If man can create a space in his being where his consciousness is totally free, then all is achieved. And how can man realize this space?
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Excerpt from: The Dhammapada: The Way of the Buddha, Vol. 03, Chapter 7
"The worldly, the otherworldly, are not really different. There is only one difference that makes a difference and that is of awareness, alertness. And the awareness can be practiced anywhere: you need not go to the mountains, you need not go to the monasteries, you need not renounce the world.

"In fact, in the world it is easier to practice awareness than anywhere else. This is my own experience, and not only my personal experience but my observation of thousands of sannyasins, too. The easiest way to become aware is to be in the world and practice it, because the world gives you so many opportunities. A monastery cannot give you so many opportunities. Living in a mountain cave, what opportunities do you have to be alert? You will be more and more asleep there, more and more dull. Intelligence will not be required, hence you will lose all sharpness of intelligence. And awareness will not be required; there will be no challenge for it. It is only in challenges that life grows; the greater the challenge, the greater the opportunity. And the world is really full of challenges. Hence to my sannyasins I say: never renounce.

"Rejoice in the world! In the past we have renounced too much and the result has been nil. How many buddhas have we produced in the past? They can be counted on the fingers. Only rarely, very rarely, a man became a Buddha, Christ or Krishna. Out of millions and millions of seeds only one seed sprouted? That is not much. It has been a sheer wastage of great human potential, and the reason has been the escapist attitude of the religions.

"I affirm life, I rejoice in life. And I would like you all to be deeply, intensely, passionately in life, with one condition only: alertness, watchfulness, witnessing. And I know the difficulty arises, because you will be living with millions of sleepy people – and sleep is contagious; just as awareness is. Awareness, too, is contagious; hence the significance of being with a master.

"The master cannot give you the truth. Nobody can give the truth to anybody else; it is untransferable. The master cannot take you to the ultimate goal, because there you will have to arrive alone, nobody can accompany you. You cannot reach there by imitating the master, because the more you imitate somebody, the falser you become. How can you arrive to truth by becoming false?

"Then what is the function of a master? Then what is the use of searching for a master? Then why be a disciple at all? Still there is a reason, and the reason is that awareness is as contagious as sleepiness. If you sit with a few people who are all feeling sleepy you will start feeling sleepy." Osho
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

peace... knowledge... control... poetry... serpent... senses... enlightened... tennyson... christ... lazarus...

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