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Nirvana: The Last Nightmare

Why does Osho say "Nirvana is the last and ultimate nightmare?" What is it about wanting to improve ourselves that is so enticingly hopeful, yet seemingly unattainable, reinforcing that all too familiar uneasiness associated with never being fully at peace with oneself? In this book Osho brings this internal state of tension to the surface and reveals the true meaning of nirvana.

Nirvana has become an idealized word associated with the juxtaposition of a cult rock figure who died before his time and some vague new age version of eastern religion. An altered state to be hoped for, but likely unattainable, reinforcing that all too familiar uneasiness associated with never being able to have what we truly desire in life.

Osho masterfully brings this internal state of tension to the surface and through the use of five beautiful Zen stories examines, unravels and reveals the meaning of nirvana. By listening without interpreting, making a decision without worrying if it is the right one, or surrendering to each moment, it is possible to come to a point where we simply drop through the manifestations of the ego and the delight of ordinary life is revealed.
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Excerpt from: Nirvana: The Last Nightmare, Chapter 1
"Perfection is not a goal; it is already there. You are born perfect; only perfection happens in this existence, nothing else. Out of godliness, how can imperfection happen? Only perfection is possible. The idea that you have to be perfect makes you imperfect in the present, because the comparison arises. You go on comparing yourself with others. Somebody is more beautiful, somebody is more intelligent, somebody is more moral, somebody is more sincere, somebody is more healthy, somebody is stronger…. And you are crippled in these comparisons; such a dead weight falls on your head that you cannot move. But you have forgotten one thing: you are you, and you cannot be anybody else.

"Once you accept the fact that you are you and whatsoever you do you are not going to be anybody else, you are going to remain yourself… once you accept it, a transfiguration happens. You start living. Then you don’t bother about the future. Then you are not in the rat race of being somebody else. Then you are no longer comparative, no longer competitive. Then you also become a rose under the window, you exist with godliness today. If you are not existing with it today, you will be in a nightmare.

"Buddha realized this. He was the first man to realize it in its absoluteness. He dropped all ideals." Osho
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

god... nirvana... life... anger... pope... contradictory... male... muso... copernicus... ginsberg...

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