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Rinzai: Master of the Irrational

Capturing the unpredictable, dynamite essence of Zen, Osho speaks on Master Rinzai, who brought Zen from China to Japan, and who is truly a master of the irrational – a Zen master who sticks his tongue out at one disciple and who created the shout as a device to shock the mind. In these talks on anecdotes from Rinzai′s life, Osho continually reminds us that it is only a question of time – that everyone is going to become a Buddha. He encourages the reader not to believe, but to experience – to have the trust that "if so many people can become enlightened, there is no reason why I cannot." In this small volume he also comments on the timeless paintings in words of the famous haiku writer, Ikkyu. A gem for everyone from the curious to the seasoned seeker.
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Excerpt from: Rinzai: Master of the Irrational, Chapter 8
"Zen does not go beyond the essential ground of mind. It does not grow any mythology on it, it does not grow any system of beliefs on it; it simply remains with the silent mind – and the silent mind is exactly no-mind. These are different expressions only. You can say ’no-mind’ because there are no thoughts; you can call it ‘mind-ground’ – there are no thoughts either.

"This mind-ground can describe things as sacred, as profane, as material, as spiritual, as astral, as ethereal – this mind is capable of naming thousands of things, real and unreal. But it cannot name this man. Rinzai is pointing to his own realization, and the new man that is born out of realization. The mind-ground cannot give a name to this man – the new man, the man of Tao, or the man of enlightenment.

"Why can it not give a name to it? Because a name is a thought, and Zen does not accept any thought, sacred or profane; it accepts only the pure consciousness, the empty heart. Nothing should be echoing in it.

"Hence, this mind which can create such great mythologies… Millions of people have lived under the impact of fictitious gods. The whole game is of the mind. It can create God, it can create the devil, it can create anything you want, but not this man. The man who is enlightened is no more. How can you name him? The man of enlightenment is dissolved in the cosmos; now he has no more any form or any boundaries. How can you name him?

"So the whole process of naming things, which you think is thinking, is not of any worth; just the very ground of consciousness is valuable. Anything you grow on that ground is futile. It is capable of giving you anything you want. Its power of imagination is immense, knows no limits – but they will all be fictions, hallucinations, mirages. Whenever you come to the truth, the mind is incapable, absolutely impotent and incapable of naming it.

"Truth has no name, it is nameless. Your ultimate being has never been named, and there is no way to give it a name. When you find it, you are so absorbed and overwhelmed by it that you disappear; only it remains. The luminosity, the love, the compassion, the grace – all are there, but you have disappeared. Who is going to name it?

"Your disappearance means opening the doors of the universal. By disappearing, I mean you disappear in the ocean. Now, when the dewdrop has disappeared in the ocean, where to find it? How to name it? All that you can say is that it has become one with the ocean. It was a small ocean, that's why it could become one with the ocean. It kept itself small, within limits. Today it dropped its limits, slipped from the lotus leaf, disappeared in the ocean. But that does not mean that it has died; it simply means that it has become too big, that you can no longer call it a dewdrop. " Osho
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

witness... destination... deceived... presence... heart... enlightened... dance... rinzai... bodhidharma... nagarjuna...

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