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Sat-Chit-Anand: Truth-Consciousness-Bliss

This mantra is the expression of the ultimate for mystics like Buddha, Socrates and Lao Tzu, for those who are contemplative rather than poetic by nature. Explaining that meditation is the master key, Osho emphasizes the treasures of the inner world, and the urgent need for the quantum leap from mind to being.
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Excerpt from: Sat-chit-Anand: Truth-Consciousness-Bliss, Chapter 18
"If you can grasp only this much – that it is beyond the grasp of the mind – you have done more than is ordinarily possible for a human being. Mind is a very small thing and existence is tremendously big. Existence is so oceanic, so infinite, so eternal … And our minds are so small that it is not a wonder that whenever you come close to the truth, you feel that your heart has fallen into a certain harmony.

"Your being has moved from its sleeping state into a certain awakening, but your mind remains in a very stunned and shocked state. The truth is beyond the mind, but not beyond the heart – the heart can grasp it. But this is the trouble: the heart cannot say anything about it. Yes, it can dance, it can sing, but it cannot use any language. Language is confined to the mind.

"And as far as your being is concerned, which is deeper than the heart, it can have the full comprehension of the truth. But the very comprehension of the truth by your being makes it utterly silent. The very understanding makes your being filled with the feeling of the mysterious, the unknowable. The being cannot even do what the heart can do. It remains just as if it is no more. All has become silent, although the silence is very much alive. It is not the dead silence of a graveyard, it is the silence of the starry night – immensely alive.

"But the deeper you go, the further you are from language. Even dance is a language, even gestures are a language, even your eyes – without saying anything – can say much. But as you go deeper and deeper, there is the world of satchidanand, there is the truth and consciousness and bliss. Everything becomes utterly silent. Mind is left far, far away. The mind cannot hear even faraway echoes of what is happening in the being.

"Yes, mind can hear something of what is happening in the heart. The heart is very close to the mind, although deeper. Mind can feel that a certain harmony is arising, a certain peace, a certain joy. It can understand the heart dancing with abandon. But mind cannot express it in language. So it has a certain feeling from the heart, just a cool breeze passing through the mind. It can have a little taste – something sweet is happening somewhere deep, but how to say it?" Osho
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

beauty... experience... god... love... freedom... heart... definition... reagan... mahavira... gurdjieff...

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