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The Sun Rises in the Evening

These commentaries on sutras, alternating with answers to questions, are richly laced with stories and anecdotes about Krishnamurti, Plato, Socrates, Hubert Benoit, Raman Maharshi, Jean–Paul Sartre, Camus, Tolstoy, Nietzsche, Eckhart and Gurdjieff. East and West merge into one quest as Osho urges us to realize our Buddha-consciousness, our enlightenment – that which we always have been.
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Excerpt from: The Sun Rises in the Evening,, Chapter 5
"The question of meaning is the most ancient question, and meaning has not been found. Many answers have been given, many philosophies propounded, but they are all consolatory; they give you consolation. Yes, you can deceive yourself for a time, but if you are intelligent enough you always come to see the futility of it all. If you are intelligent enough, those consolations won’t help. They are helpful only for the mediocre, they are helpful only for the one who has decided to deceive himself, who wants to pretend that there is meaning– meaning in money, meaning in power, meaning in respectability, meaning in virtue, in character, meaning in being a saint. But if you are intelligent enough, if you go on probing deeper and deeper, sooner or later you come to the rock bottom of meaninglessness.

"Maybe because of that people don’t probe enough; they are afraid. Some unconscious feeling is there, that, ‘If we go deep enough nothing will be found, so better not to go deep enough. Go on swimming on the surface.’ But Zen has succeeded where everybody has failed. Buddha has succeeded where everybody else has failed. And Zen is the ultimate flowering of the insight that happened to Buddha twenty–five centuries ago in Bodhgaya, sitting under a tree.

"What was the insight that happened? What was Buddha’s unique experience? He didn’t experience any god, he didn’t encounter…. In fact, no spiritual experience was there. He didn’t see great light, he didn’t see kundalini arising, he didn’t see great vistas and golden paradises opening – nothing of the sort. What was his insight? And that insight is the foundation of Zen, that insight has to be understood – it is one of the most important things that has happened to human consciousness ever. What did he come to know? He came to know one thing: That if meaning is dropped, meaninglessness also disappears." Osho
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

light... truth... existence... beauty... inferior... misery... real... zusia... ramakrishna... nietzsche...

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