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Originally published as: Tao: The Three Treasures, Vol. 4

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Talking Tao

"The greatest miracle in life is love, and it is the greatest mystery also; greater than life itself, because love is the very essence for which life exists.
"Love is the source, and love is the end also. So one who misses love misses all."

"Love is not an emotion, is not a feeling. Love is the subtlest energy; subtler than electricity. The very substratum of all energies is love.
"It manifests in many ways. First try to understand love, then the other treasures will be easy to understand.
"If you ask me what are my three treasures I will say: First, love; second, love, third also, love. And in fact that is what Lao Tzu is saying – but we will understand."
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Excerpt from: Talking Tao, Chapter 6
"You can live life as if you are in a hypnosis – that's how ninety-nine per cent of people live – or you can live with intensity, awareness. If you live with awareness you mature, otherwise you simply become old. And to become old is not to become wise. If you have been a fool when you were young and now you have become old, you will be just an old fool, that's all. Nothing. Just becoming old, you cannot become wise. You may be even more foolish, because you may have attained to mechanical habits, robot-like.

"Life can be lived in two ways. If you live unconsciously you simply die; if you live consciously you attain to more and more life. Death will come, but it never comes to a mature man, it comes only to a man who has been aging and getting old. A mature one never dies, because he will learn even through death. Even death is going to be an experience to be intensely lived, and watched, allowed.

"A mature man never dies. In fact before a mature man, on the rock of maturity, death struggles and shatters itself, commits suicide. Death dies, but never a mature man – that is the message of all the awakened ones: that you are deathless. They have known it, they have lived their death. They have watched, and they have found that it can surround you but you remain aloof, you remain far away. Death happens near you but it never happens to you.

"Deathless is your being, blissful is your being, divine is your being, but those experiences you cannot cram in the mind and in the memory. You have to pass through life and attain them.

"Much suffering is there, much pain is there. And because of pain and suffering people like to live stupidly – it has to be understood why so many people insist that they should live in a hypnosis; why Buddhas and Christs go on telling people to be awake, and nobody listens. There must be some deep involvement in hypnosis, there must be some deep investment. What is the investment?

"The mechanism has to be understood, otherwise you will listen to me and you will never become aware You will listen and you will make it a part of your knowledge that: Yes, this man says be aware and it is good to be aware. And those who attain to awareness become mature… But you yourself will not attain to it, it will remain a knowledge. You may communicate your knowledge to others, but nobody is helped that way.

"Why? Have you asked this question ever? Why don′t you attain to awareness? If it leads to the infinite bliss, to the attainment of satchitananda,.& to absolute truth – then why not be aware? Why do you insist on being sleepy? " Osho
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

love... truth... inside... breath... nobody... enjoy... chaos... ikkyu... judas... mahakashyapa...

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