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The Original Man

What′s so original about the original man? Only that on finding him within yourself, according to Osho you find everything worth discovering. But he exhorts the seeker not to take his word for it but experience it for yourself. Osho traces Zen from its beginnings with Bodhidarma in China through a succession of masters and poets. Seemingly absurd Zen statements and devices are all shown as techniques used in specific situations with different types of seekers to jolt them out of spiritual sleep. These discourses based on anecdotes about masters and their disciples aren′t about Zen, they are it.
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Excerpt from: The Original Man, Chapter 1
"To be original simply means just as you were born – fresh, uncluttered by any garbage, theology, religion, politics, etiquette, manners. As you grow up, around you much garbage grows. The society helps to grow it; the whole educational system exists to support it. By the time you are still young, you have already lost your original home. You know so much, but you don’t know anything in fact. You pretend so much, you may even believe in your pretensions, but that does not make them true. The whole society up to now has been creating hypocrites. The original man is just the polar opposite of the hypocrite. He is simply natural, unpredictable. The hypocrite is predictable. You know what he is going to do – his reactions, his responses. You know his future, because he is a false entity not a living plant. You cannot predict in what directions the branches will go, on which branches the flowers will come. Everything is unpredictable, but with a plastic plant everything is known and predictable. Society wants you to be predictable, because its whole business depends on predictability.

"The day I entered America, the first question the immigration department asked me was: ‘Are you an anarchist?’ I had been told beforehand that anarchists are not allowed in America.

"I told the man, ‘I am something more.’ He said, ‘My God, for something more there is no regulation.’ He had his book open: communists, anarchists are not allowedbut something more…?

"He looked at me and he said, ‘You look like something more, but you will be in trouble and you will create trouble for us.’

"I said, ‘I am a silent man. I don’t even leave my room.’

"He said, ‘That is the danger, but because in the rules there is no provision for preventing something more than the anarchist, I have to allow you.’ And from that very moment the struggle began that lasted for five years.

"The original man is simply a natural man not nurtured by the society. He has kept himself aloof and individual. He has not allowed anybody to condition him." Osho
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

original... becoming... change... heart... god... looking... consciousness... basui... bodhidharma... rinzai...

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