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Osho Audiobooks - Series of Talks: Unio Mystica, Vol. 1 (mp3)


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Unio Mystica, Vol. 1

Talks on the Sufi Mystic Hakim Sanai
This is the first of a two-volume series on Sanai′s Hadiqa, about which Osho says: "Such books are not written, they are born. These words are saturated with satori."
The story of Hakim Sanai, the twelfth century Persian court poet, begins like a political thriller. Sanai is travelling with the Sultan of Persia and army on an expedition to conquer India. As they pass a certain walled garden they come across a drunken singer, who is really a great Sufi mystic, an enlightened man named Lai-Kur.
Sanai is transformed, enlightened by this chance meeting. He leaves the king and sets off alone to absorb what has happened to him. Out of this experience comes a book of poems– the Hadiqatu′l Haqiqat, The Walled Garden of Truth.
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Excerpt from: Unio Mystica, Vol. 1, Chapter 3
"It is better to be silent, says Hakim Sanai, because at least in silence you will not be lying to anybody. And you will not be lying to yourself either. In silence at least you will be ignorant; you will not pretend knowledge.

"If a person can remain silent for a few hours every day he will become aware of his whole phoniness because he will see his real face again and again. If you continuously talk and continuously relate with people you forget your original face because you have to wear masks continuously. For twenty-four hours you are talking, using words, and when you continuously use words, slowly, slowly you start believing in those words, in the sound of those words.

"Words have a hypnotic power. If you use a certain word again and again, it hypnotizes you. If you use the word God again and again, slowly, slowly you start thinking that you know what you mean, that you know what God is. It is very dangerous to repeat words.But people go on talking. They don’t give any gap in which they can simply be silent and be. If you are silent at least one hour every day, you will be aware continuously that what you say is nonsense. And then ninety-nine percent of your talking will start disappearing. What is the point of talking nonsense?

"But then why do people talk? They talk just to hide themselves behind the noise. Whenever you are nervous you start talking. Now it is a known fact – if people are forced to live in solitude, after three weeks they start talking to themselves. They cannot bear silence, it becomes intolerable, so they start talking to themselves. They have to talk; words somehow keep them clinging to their personality. Once words disappear, they start falling into the impersonal, and they are very much afraid of the impersonal. And the impersonal is your reality and you are afraid of the reality. And you are clinging to the illusions that words create." Osho
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

silence... need... accept... past... watching... sexuality... peace... sanai... desai... jesus...

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