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When the Shoe Fits

Osho is unique in that he does not offer yet another intellectual treatise on principles, but rather relates the situation as it was a few thousand years ago to our situation here and now. His great affinity with Chuang Tzu is obvious as he talks on Zen as a religious system only in so far as it is a practical means by which we may understand the conditionings of the mind, and in so doing, transcend. And then the shoe will always fit!

"Chuang Tzu is very rare – a unique mystic in the whole history of man. His uniqueness is that he talks in absurdities. All his poems and stories are just absurd. And his reason for choosing absurdity as his expression is very significant: the mind has to be silenced. With anything rational, it cannot stop; it goes on and on. Anything logical, and the mind finds nourishment through it. It is only the absurd that suddenly shocks the mind – it is beyond mind′s grasp. His stories, his poems and his other statements are so absurd that either people simply left him, thinking that he was mad. Those who were courageous enough to remain with him found that no other meditation was needed. Just listening to his absurd statements, the mind stops functioning. And that is the meaning of meditation. Meditation is not of the mind." Osho
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Excerpt from: When the Shoe Fits, Chapter 3
"Man creates his own confusion just because he goes on rejecting himself, condemning himself, not accepting himself. Then a chain of confusion, inner chaos and misery is created. Why don’t you accept yourself as you are? What is wrong? The whole existence accepts you as you are, but you don’t.

"You have some ideal to achieve. That ideal is always in the future–it has to be, no ideal can be in the present. And the future is nowhere; it is not yet born. Because of the ideal you live in the future which is nothing but a dream; because of the ideal you cannot live here and now; because of the ideal you condemn yourself.

"All ideologies, all ideals, are condemnatory because then an image is created in the mind. And when you go on comparing yourself with that image you will always feel that something is lacking, something is missing. Nothing is lacking and nothing is missing. You are perfect as far as there is any possibility of perfection.

"Try to understand this, because only then will you be able to understand Chuang Tzu’s parable. It is one of the most beautiful parables that anybody has ever talked about, and it goes very deep into the very mechanism of the human mind. Why do you go on carrying ideals in the mind? Why are you not enough as you are? Just at this moment why are you not like gods? Who is interfering? Who is blocking your path? This very moment why can’t you enjoy and be blissful? Where is the block?

"The block comes through the ideal…. How can you enjoy? You are filled with so much anger; first the anger has to go. How can you be blissful? You are filled with so much sexuality; first the sex has to go. How can you be like gods celebrating this very moment? You are filled with so much greed, passion, anger; first they have to go. Then you will be like gods.

"This is how the ideal is created and because of the ideal, you become condemned. Compare yourself with the ideal, and you will never be perfect, it is impossible. If you say ‘if’, then bliss is impossible because that ‘if’ is the greatest disturbance.

"If you say, ‘If those conditions are fulfilled then I will be blissful’, then these conditions are never going to be fulfilled. And, secondly, even if these conditions are fulfilled, by that time you will have lost the very capacity to celebrate and enjoy. And moreover, when these conditions are fulfilled–if ever, because they cannot be fulfilled–your mind will create further ideals.

"This is how you have been missing life for lives together. You create an ideal and then you want to be that ideal; then you feel condemned and inferior. Because of your dreaming mind your reality is condemned; dreams have been disturbing you.

"I tell you just the opposite. Be like gods this very moment. Let there be anger, let there be sex, let there be greed–you celebrate life. And by and by you will feel more celebration, less anger; more blissfulness, less greed; more joy, less sex. Then you have hit upon the right path. It is not otherwise. When a person can celebrate life in its totality, all that is wrong disappears, but if you try first to make arrangements for the wrong to disappear, it never disappears." Osho
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

life... love... doubt... look... future... god... nobody... picasso... nobel... vedas...

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