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Ten Non-Commandments

Talk #23 of the Series, Beyond Enlightenment

"There are very few moments in man's life more magical than the feeling of love and trust from a disciple towards the master. It is a relationship not of this world, because it is a ladder to the beyond.

"Coming closer to the master certainly gives a new pulsation to the life energy, to your receptivity, to your openness. It gives you a dance; your heart starts singing a song. It is a moment of rejoicing. It is the same moment as when a river comes to the ocean, dancing, to disappear into the ocean – but the disappearance is only from the side of those who are standing on the bank. To the river itself, it is becoming bigger, vaster, oceanic.

"Coming closer to the master is a way of becoming a master – and what can be more rejoicing, more joyful?

"There are many kinds of love, but the love that exists between the master and the disciple is the purest, unpolluted by any expectations, by any demands, by any conditions."
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Osho continues:
"The master accepts you as you are, with no desire to make something else of you. You love the master because he gives you, for the first time in your life, in all your relationships, freedom to be yourself, without fear, without guilt. Your experience is natural.

"It has happened to every disciple, it is a cosmic experience. But it cannot happen if you are only a student. If you have come here only to learn, to accumulate knowledge, then this kind of miracle is not possible. If you have come here to expand your consciousness, to make your being more integral; then you have not come to increase your knowledge but to be reborn. You have come to become a child again; you have come to get back the purity, the fragrance, the beauty of your innocence.

"I am not a teacher, and this is not a place where knowledge is important. I am just a presence to inspire in you that which is dormant, to allow you to recognize yourself. I am not here to impose any religion on you. I am here to make you completely weightless – without religion, without ideology – just a profound silence, a serenity, a depth, a height that goes to the stars.

"This is a place of a master, and the function of this place is magic – not ordinary magic, but magic that creates Gautam Buddhas. And naturally, when you are coming out of your darkness towards the light of becoming a Gautam Buddha, it is impossible not to be thrilled, not to be ecstatic, not to be in a dance.

"If you are alive, stars will be born out of you, flowers will be blossoming in you. But if you are dead, as most of the people on the earth are, then nothing will happen to you. Nothing happens to the dead.

"There is a beautiful story in Mahavira's life: Mahavira went to Vasali, one of the great cities in those days. In Vasali there was a great thief. He had only one young son whom he was training in his art. He said to him, 'Listen, you are free to do everything, but don't go close to that man Mahavira."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

search… priest… speaking… loved… experience… poetry… rejoicing… mahavira… socrates… nijinsky

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