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Osho Book: Beyond Enlightenment


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Beyond Enlightenment

These are talks by a man who has known enlightenment – and left it far behind. Osho explores the subject from the inside, revealing the inner workings of a mystic.

Whatever you may have thought or read up until now, these talks will take you further. They are not about enlightenment, rather words spoken by a man who has known enlightenment – and left it far behind. Through his responses to the questions of people from all walks of life, Osho explores the subject from the inside, revealing the inner workings of a mystic.

What does enlightenment mean? – spiritual awakening, discovering the truth about life? Or is it less defined, just a formless sense of something to work towards on a journey of personal exploration?

In this book one starts to have a glimpse that enlightenment is something achievable by anyone ready to take the jump here and now.

Book - Details Chapter Titles
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146 x 209 mm
    #1: Beyond Enlightenment Is Only Beyondness
    #2: Innocence Is a Light Unto Itself
    #3: No Other Path but Life
    #4: In the End There Is No Word
    #5: Questions: Exposing Your Way from Ignorance to Innocence
    #6: Truth Knows No Fifty-fifty
    #7: Zorba and Buddha: Their Split Is Your Social Disease
    #8: Indifference to the Mind Is Meditation
    #9: The Master Is a Mirror
    #10: I Answer Your Questions Just to Kill Them
    #11: Harmony...the Birthplace of Love
    #12: The Three Initiations: Student, Disciple, Devotee
    #13: The Only Holy Approach
    #14: Don't Be a Missionary, Be a Message
    #15: A Mystery beyond Explaining
    #16: Rising in Love...a Partnership in Meditation
    #17: The Point of No Return
    #18: Meditation – the Courage to Be Silent and Alone
    #19: The Future Belongs to the Creative Man
    #20: Let Go the Cure for the Disease of Becoming
    #21: The Watermelon and the Knife
    #22: The Forgotten Language of the Heart
    #23: Ten Non-commandments
    #24: Eastern Psychology: the Science of the Soul
    #25: You Are What You Are Seeking
    #26: The Alchemy of Enlightenment
    #27: Whatsoever Happens in Silence Is Your Friend
    #28: Unless the Whole Existence...
    #29: I Am Crazy but You Are Crazier!
    #30: You Are the Watcher Not the Actor
    #31: Discarding the Container, Discovering the Content
    #32: Truth Has to Wait but Not to Wait Forever
Excerpt from: Beyond Enlightenment, Chpater 1
"Enlightenment is the goal of human beings. But those who are enlightened cannot remain static; they will have to move, they will have to change. And now they have only one thing to lose – themselves.

"They have enjoyed everything. They have enjoyed the purity of individuality; now they have to enjoy the disappearing of individuality. They have seen the beauty of individuality; now they have to see the disappearance and its beauty, and the silence that follows, that abysmal serenity that follows." Osho
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

question... intelligence... silence... answer... beautiful... unconscious... moment... mahavira... dronacharya... uddalak...

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