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Osho Book with DVD: Buddha


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His Life and Teachings and Impact on Humanity
An authority on the world’s spiritual traditions, Osho was celebrated for his unique ability to refresh ancient wisdoms for a contemporary audience. Here he takes the reader on an exciting journey into the life and world of Prince Gautam Siddhartha, who became the Buddha.
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180 x 204 mm
With DVD
    #Part 1: The Birth of an Emperor
    Buddha's Arrival
    Comming of Age
    Awakening at Bodhgaya
    #Part 2: The Life of Buddha
    In Search of Enlightenment
    Sermons in Silence
    The Peaceful Warrior
    Physician of the Soul
    The Last Experiment
    #Part 3: The Teachings
    I Have Heard
    Big Boat, little Boat
    The Middle Way
    Right Mindfulness
    Via Negativa
    The Religionless Religion
    Blowing out the Candle
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Excerpt from: Buddha, Introduction
"The second meaning of budh is to recognize, to become aware of, acquainted with, to notice, give heed to. A buddha is one who has recognized the false as the false, and has opened his eyes to the true as the true. To see the false as false is the beginning of understanding what truth is. Only when you see the false as false can you see what truth is. You cannot go on living in illusions; you cannot go on living in your beliefs; you cannot go on living in your prejudices if you want to know truth. The false has to be recognized as false. That is the second meaning of budh – recognition of the false as false, of the untrue as untrue." Osho
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

buddha... awakening... enlightenment... peace... soul... suchness... truth... religion... recognition... aware...

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