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Compiled from the title: From Ignorance to Innocence, Chapter 1 to 15

Osho Book with DVD: Danger: Truth at Work


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Danger: Truth at Work

The Courage to Accept the Unknowable
Danger: Truth at Work goes to the heart of our most fundamental human issues. Why can’t we just live happily and be content? While we seem to have all the knowledge we need to solve our problems, we haven’t. In this timely book, Osho explains that religious conditioning has held us back. Each chapter covers a different aspect of this conditioning, and, in gentle but persuasive language, shows readers how to transcend it.
The enclosed DVD gives a firsthand experience of the process of spiritual renewal, which Osho calls a "dry cleaning of the mind."
While Osho passed away in 1990, he left a rich legacy of video recordings that form the basis of this important book and video.
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168 x 235 mm
With DVD
    # 1: Pseudo-religion – the Stick-on Soul
    # 2: I Call It Reverence for Life
    # 3: Politics and the Will-to-power
    # 4: Danger – Truth at Work
    # 5: Ecstasy Is Now-why Wait?
    # 6: Transformation,not Renunciation
    # 7: Nature Is All There Is
    # 8: God Is Not a Solution but a Problem
    # 9: I Teach a Religionless Religion
    # 10: God – the Nobody Everybody Knows
    # 11: Truth – Not a Dogma but a Dance
    # 12: Faith Is the Suicide of Intelligence
    # 13: Ecstasy Is Knowing That Nobody Is Holding Your Hand
    # 14: Society Crowds You Out; Meditation Outs Your Crowd
    # 15: They Say Believe; I Say Explore
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Excerpt from: Danger: Truth at Work, Chapter 4
"Truth, in the beginning, is very inconvenient, is very uncomfortable, but in the end it is the ultimate blessing.

"We can summarize: a lie is always sweet in the beginning, bitter in the end; the truth is bitter in the beginning, sweet in the end.

"But you need patience for the end. If you are impatient, then you are going to buy some lie.

"The common masses have no mind of their own. For centuries they have been conditioned, hypnotized, brainwashed continuously.

"So when a man like me says something, it needs guts in the first place even to hear it. Then it needs tremendous courage to absorb it, because it is bitter, it goes against all your conditioning.

"So only a very few people who are really seekers of truth will be ready to go through all this turmoil.

"Everything will go upside down: their God, their heaven, their hell, their devil, their messiahs, their prophets….

"My whole work is to demolish, to demolish all the lies that are surrounding you and not to replace them by anything else, but to leave you utterly naked in your aloneness.

"To me, only in your aloneness will you be able to know the truth – because you are the truth.

"You are not to go anywhere to find truth. Neither can Jesus give it to you, nor can Krishna give it to you, nor can Buddha give it to you, nor can I give it to you. It is not a commodity that somebody can just give to you.

"Just think: if truth is a commodity, a thing which can be given to you, then it can be stolen, it can be taken back, it can be lost – anything can happen to it.

"But nothing happens to truth. It happens to you, but nothing happens to it. It cannot be stolen, it cannot be purchased." Osho
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

religion... nobody... religious... god... unconscious... science... individuality... mahavira... bodhidharma... alexander...

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