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Osho Book: Meditation: The First and Last Freedom


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Meditation: The First and Last Freedom

A Practical Guide to Meditation
A practical, step-by-step guide to sixty-three meditation techniques, selected or created by Osho. This book is an invaluable companion for anyone interested in meditation.

Life in the twenty-first century moves at an ever-increasing pace, creating more and more stress for individuals. Just sitting directly in silent meditation is not as easy as it must have been in Buddha’s time.

Meditation: The First and Last Freedom contains practical step-by-step descriptions of a wide variety of meditation techniques created by Osho, which deal directly with the tensions of contemporary life and leave us feeling alert, refreshed and energized. Osho also explains many ancient and beautiful techniques: Vipassana and Zazen, centering techniques, meditations on light and darkness and meditations on opening the heart.

In addition, Osho answers many questions about meditation including what it is, how to get started, and how to keep going on this inner journey of getting to know ourselves and fulfilling our potential.

"Meditation has a beginning, but no end. It goes on and on, for infinity, for eternity. Mind is a small thing; meditation makes you part of existence. It allows you the freedom of becoming one with the whole."
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195 x 200 mm
    What is Meditation?
    Witnessing, the Spirit of Meditation
    The Flowering of Meditation
    The Great Silence
    Growing in Sensitivity
    Love, the Fragrance of Meditation
    Abiding Joy for No Reason at All
    Intelligence: the Ability to Respond
    Aloneness: Your Self-nature
    Your Real Self
    Methods and Meditation
    Techniques are Helpful
    Begin with Effort
    These Methods are Simple
    First Understand the Technique
    The Right Method will Click
    When to Drop the Method
    Imagination can Work for You
    Suggestions for Beginners
    Enough Space
    The Right Place
    Be Comfortable
    Begin with Catharsis
    Guidelines to Freedom
    The Three Essentials
    Be Playful
    Be Patient
    Don?t Look for Results
    Appreciate Unawareness
    Machines Help but Don?t Create Meditation
    You are not Your Experiences
    The Observer is not the Witness
    Meditation is a Knack
    OSHO Active Meditations
    Why Active Meditations?
    OSHO Dynamic Meditation: Catharsis and Celebration
    OSHO Kundalini Meditation
    OSHO Nataraj Meditation
    OSHO Nadabrahma Meditation
    OSHO Nadabrahma Meditation for couples
    OSHO Meditative Therapies
    OSHO Mystic Rose Meditative Therapy
    OSHO No-Mind Meditative Therapy
    OSHO Born Again Meditative Therapy
    OSHO Reminding Yourself of the Forgotten Language of Talking to the BodyMind
    The Art of Listening
    Anything Can Be a Meditation
    Running, Jogging and Swimming
    Laughing Meditation
    The Laughing Buddha
    Smoking Meditation
    Gibberish Meditation
    Breath – a Bridge to Meditation
    OSHO Vipassana Meditation
    Watching the Gap in the Breath
    Watching the Gap in the Marketplace
    Dream Mastery
    Throwing Things Out
    Chakra Meditations
    OSHO Chakra Breathing Meditation
    OSHO Chakra Sounds Meditation
    Opening the Heart
    From Head to Heart
    OSHO Prayer Meditation
    The Heart of Peacefulness
    Heart Centering
    Atisha’s Heart Meditation
    Start with Yourself
    Inner Centering
    OSHO Whirling Meditation
    OSHO No-Dimensions Meditation
    Finding the real Source
    Center of the Cyclone
    Feel "I am"
    Who am I?
    To the Very Center of Being
    Looking Within
    Seeing Within
    Looking as a Whole
    Inner Circle
    Meditations on Light
    Golden Light Meditation
    Heart of Light
    Seeing Etheric Presence
    Translucent Presence
    Meditations on Darkness[3
    Carry out Inner Darkness
    Moving Energy Upwards[3
    The Ascent of Life Energy 2
    Meditations on Sound
    OSHO Devavani Meditation
    Music as Meditation
    The Center of Sound
    The Beginning and End of Sound
    Finding the Space Within
    Enter the Clear Sky
    Include Everything
    A Meditation for the Jet-set
    Feel the Absence of Things
    Hollow Bamboo
    Entering into Death
    Entering into Death
    Celebrating Death
    Watching with the Third Eye
    OSHO Gourishankar Meditation
    OSHO Mandala Meditation
    Finding the Witness
    Touching as a Feather
    Looking at the Tip of the Nose
    Just Sitting
    OSHO Zazen
    The Laughter of Zen
    Rising in Love: A Partnership in Meditation
    Circle of Love
    Shaking in Sex
    Circle of Love Alone
    The Two Difficulties
    The Ego
    The Chattering Mind
    False Methods
    Meditation is not Concentration
    Meditation is not Introspection
    Tricks of the Mind
    Don?t be Fooled by Experiences
    Mind can Enter Again
    Mind can Deceive You
    Only a Witness can Really Dance
    The Goose has Never Been In!
    The Watcher on the Hill
    Where did you Leave your Bicycle?
    Just a 180 Turn
    All Paths Merge on the Mountain
    Celebrating Consciousness
    Tune in to Uncertainty
    Count the Moments of Awareness
    Make Things as Simple as Possible
    Witnessing is Like Sowing Seeds
    Witnessing is Enough
Excerpt from: Meditation: The First and Last Freedom
What Is Meditation?

"When you are not doing anything at all – bodily, mentally, on no level – when all activity has ceased and you simply are, just being, that’s what meditation is. You cannot do it, you cannot practice it: you have only to understand it.

"Whenever you can find time for just being, drop all doing. Thinking is also doing, concentration is also doing, contemplation is also doing. Even if for a single moment you are not doing anything and you are just at your center, utterly relaxed – that is meditation. And once you have got the knack of it, you can remain in that state as long as you want; finally you can remain in that state for twenty-four hours a day.

"Once you have become aware of the way your being can remain undisturbed, then slowly you can start doing things, keeping alert that your being is not stirred. That is the second part of meditation – first, learning how just to be, and then learning little actions: cleaning the floor, taking a shower, but keeping yourself centered. Then you can do complicated things.

"For example, I am speaking to you, but my meditation is not disturbed. I can go on speaking, but at my very center there is not even a ripple; it is just silent, utterly silent.

"So meditation is not against action. It is not that you have to escape from life. It simply teaches you a new way of life: you become the center of the cyclone.

"Your life goes on, it goes on really more intensely – with more joy, with more clarity, more vision, more creativity – yet you are aloof, just a watcher on the hills, simply seeing all that is happening around you.

"You are not the doer, you are the watcher.

"That’s the whole secret of meditation, that you become the watcher. Doing continues on its own level, there is no problem: chopping wood, drawing water from the well. You can do small and big things; only one thing is not allowed and that is, your centering should not be lost.

"That awareness, that watchfulness, should remain absolutely unclouded, undisturbed. " Osho