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Tao: The State and the Art

In Tao, Osho takes readers on an exciting journey into the world of Lao Tzu, Chuang Tzu, Lieh Tzu, Ko Hsuan, and the world of Taoism, one of the four major traditions of China.
According to Osho, "Tao is no-method, simple spontaneity – living life according to nature with no fight." The 3000-year-old Taoist message of self-realization comes alive through the stories of these Chinese mystics.
Osho describes Tao as "the pathless path" because, he says, it has a different quality, the quality of freedom, anarchy, and chaos.
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With DVD
    #Introduction: Tao – the Great Rebellion
    The Principles of Tao
    The Ultimate Synthesis
    Yin and Yang
    No Goal, No Technique
    The Watercourse Way
    Lao Tzu "the Old Guy"
    #Absolute Tao
    Three Types of People
    Chuang Tzu – Natural and Ordinary
    The Value of That Which Is Useless
    Lieh Tzu – a Master Storyteller
    Expressing the Inexpressible
    Ko Hsuan– No Doctrine, No Teaching
    The Classic of Purity
    About the Author
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Excerpt from: Tao: The State and the Art, Part 1, Chapter 5
"Tao means the way with no goal. Simply, the Way. It was courageous of Lao Tzu, twenty-five centuries ago, to tell people that there is no goal and we are not going anywhere. We are just going to be here, so make the time as beautiful, as loving, as joyous as possible. He called his philosophy Tao, and Tao means simply the Way.

"Many asked him, "Why have you chosen the name Tao? Because you don’t have any goals in your philosophy."

"He said, "Specifically for that reason I have chosen to call it "the Way", so that nobody forgets that there is no goal, there is only the Way."

"The Way is beautiful; the way is full of flowers. And the Way becomes more and more beautiful as your consciousness becomes higher. The moment you have reached the peak, everything becomes so sweet, so ecstatic, that you suddenly realize that this is the place; this is home. You were unnecessarily running here and there.

"So cancel all the tickets you have booked! There is nowhere to go." Osho

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