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Osho Book: Christianity, the Deadliest Poison and Zen, the Antidote to All Poisons


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Christianity, the Deadliest Poison and Zen, the Antidote to All Poisons

In the presence of twenty-one visiting Jesuit priests, and with a ruthless precision and irreverent wisdom that is often shocking to his audience, Osho dissects and dismembers Christianity – offering the profound truths of the Zen approach as the only antidote to the poison inherent in all organized religions.
"It is time to get rid of Christianity – and all so-called religions which are different versions of the same stupidity.
Man needs absolute freedom from the past. Only then can he live in the moment responsibly, and only then can he create a new future, a better future than the ugly past, for the coming humanity – a superman, a better man than the pygmies of the past who were just slaves and nothing else." Osho
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2. Edition
    #1: The Opium of the People
    #2: Service with a Smile
    #3: The Sword and the Lotus
    #4: This You Call Civilization?
    #5: Turning Lions into Sheep
    #6: The Christian Propaganda Machine
    #7: Not Faith, but Fear
    #8: Fictitious Father, Crackpot Son
From the Preface:
"Man has been searching for meaning.

"He created God as a fiction to fulfill his need for meaning. Without God, the world becomes accidental. It is no longer the creation of a wise God who creates it for your growth, for your development – for something. Without God… Remove God and the world is accidental, meaningless. The mind has an intrinsic incapacity to live with meaninglessness, so it creates all kinds of fictions – God, nirvana, heaven, paradise, another life beyond death – and makes a whole system. But it is a fiction, to fulfill a certain psychological need.

"I cannot say there is God. I cannot say there is no God. To me the question is irrelevant. It is a fictitious phenomenon. My work is totally different. My work is to make your mind so mature that you can live with a meaningless life, and yet beautifully.

"What is the meaning of a rose, or a cloud floating in the sky? There is no meaning but there is such tremendous beauty. There is no meaning; the river goes on flowing but there is so much joy. Meaning is not needed. And unless a man is able to live without asking for meaning, moment to moment, beautifully, blissfully, for no reason at all… Just to breathe is enough.

"Why should you ask for meaning? For what? Why do you make life a business? Is not love enough? Have you to ask what is the meaning of love? And if there is no meaning in love, then of course your life becomes loveless. You ask a wrong question. Love is, in itself, enough; it needs no other meaning to make it beautiful, a joy. What is the meaning of the birds singing in the morning? The whole of existence, to me, is meaningless.

"The more silent and attuned with existence I became, the more it became clear that there is no need for meaning. It is enough as it is." Osho
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

Christianity… Zen… Faith… Fear… God… Creation… Death… Fiction… Nirvana… Paradise…

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