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Osho Book: Come Follow To You, Vol. 1


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Come Follow To You, Vol. 1

Reflections on Jesus of Nazareth
Osho makes a clear distinction between the rebel called Jesus Christ and the religion that followed after him – Christianity.

Through the verses of the New Testament Gospels, Osho brings the teachings of Jesus to life, calling him a poet. "Jesus became a great milestone in the history of consciousness. It is not just coincidental that Jesus’ birth has become the most important date in history. Before Christ, one world; after Christ, a totally different world has existed – a demarcation in the consciousness of man."

"I will speak on Christ, but not on Christianity. Christianity has nothing to do with Christ. In fact, Christianity is anti-Christ – just as Buddhism is anti-Buddha and Jainism is anti-Mahavira. Christ has something in him which cannot be organized: the very nature of it is rebellion and rebellion cannot be organized." Osho
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140 x 203
    #1: Grace for Grace
    #2: My Way Is via Positive
    #3: Return to Your Source
    #4: A Very Deep Balancing
    #5: Trust Is Natural to Man
    #6: You'll Never Forget the Jokes
    #7: Have Mercy and Not Sacrifice
    #8: I Treat Jesus as a Poet
    #9: Let the Dead Bury Their Dead
    #10: Open the Door
Excerpt from: Come Follow To You, Vol. 1, Chapter 1
"Buddha is beautiful, superb, but not of this world; Krishna is lovable, but still the bridge is missing. Christ is the bridge, hence I have chosen to talk on Christ. But always remember, I am not talking on Christianity. The Church is always anti-Christ. Once you try to organize a rebellion, the rebellion has to be subsided. You cannot organize a storm – how can you organize a rebellion? A rebellion is true and alive only when it is a chaos.

"With Jesus, a chaos entered into human consciousness. Now the organization is not to be done on the outside, in the society; the order has to be brought into the innermost core of your being. Christ has brought a chaos. Now out of that chaos you have to be born totally new, an order coming from the innermost being – not a Church but a new man, not a new society but a new human consciousness. That is the message.

"And these words from the gospel of St. John… you must have heard them so many times, you must have read them so many times – they have become almost useless, meaningless, insignificant, trivial. They have been repeated so many times that now no bell rings within you when you hear them. But these words are tremendously potential. You may have lost the significance of them, but if you become a little alert, aware, the meaning of these words can be reclaimed. It is going to be a struggle to reclaim the meaning … just as you reclaim a land from the ocean.

"Christianity has covered these beautiful words with so many interpretations that the original freshness is lost – lost through the mouths of the priests who are simply repeating like parrots without knowing what they are saying, without knowing, without hesitating, without trembling before the sacredness of these words. They are simply repeating words like mechanical robots. Their gestures are false, because everything has been trained.

"Once I was invited to a Christian theological college. I was surprised when they took me around the college. It is one of the greatest theological colleges in India. Every year they prepare two hundred to three hundred Christian priests and missionaries there – a five-year training. And everything has to be taught: even how to stand in the pulpit, how to speak, where to give more emphasis, how to move your hands. Everything has to be taught. But then everything becomes false, then the person is just making empty gestures.

"These words are like fire, but through centuries of repetition, parrot-like repetition, much dust has gathered around the fire. My effort will be to uncover them again. Be very alert because we will be treading on a well-known path in a very unknown way, treading on very well-known territory with a very different, totally new attitude. The territory is going to be old. My effort will be to give you a new consciousness to see it. I would like to lend you my eyes so that you can see the old things in a new light. And when you have new eyes, everything becomes new." Osho

Review by: Glenn Moyer, Yoga Journal, USA

"As a former orthodox Christian, I felt a continual sense of both joy and apprehension at this new possibility for approaching Jesus. Doubt and trust pulled me in two directions, until finally I fell in love with the words of (Osho) and his view of Jesus"
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

doubt... life... poetry... sinner... moment... poet... grace... moses... christ... jesus...

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