Osho Book: Dimensions Beyond the Known


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Dimensions Beyond the Known

Osho talks in depth on many mysteries, including: what happens after death, reincarnation, and the esoteric roots of religious experience.

Osho responds to questions on some of life’s greatest mysteries, including the esoteric roots of religious experience, and what happens after we die. Speaking from his own personal experience, he opens up a vast new perspective on the universe and its infinite possibilities .

He talks intimately about his own past life in Tibet 700 years ago, and the significance of being a contemporary buddha.

"Just as death faces an individual, so now death shows its dark face before the collective consciousness of an entire civilization. And that civilization’s collective mind becomes ready to go deep into the realms of religion and the unknown."
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122 x 190 mm
    # 1: Nothing Else to Tell Except This
    # 2: Why I Have Come
    # 3: Paths Are Many, the Travelers Are Few
    # 4: This Is a Time of Crisis
    # 5: The Birth of a New Man
    # 6: Life Is Full of Mysteries
Excerpt from: Dimensions Beyond the Known, Chapter 1
"If a person walks around and around in the room, he may walk for miles and he will not come out of the room. But a person can walk directly toward the door also – not in a circle, but in a straight line. If while walking he walks in a circle, he will merely walk around the room. If he walks in a straight line toward the door, he can walk out through the door also. But in both of these cases he will be walking only in the room.

"If I tell a person who has taken many rounds in the room that he can take just ten steps and he will be out of the room, he will immediately ask me whether I have gone mad. He will say, ‘You are talking of taking only ten steps, but I have been walking for miles and I have not yet come out of the room.’ He is not saying anything false, but he has simply been going around and around.

"It is interesting to note that in this world everything is going around and around. Our movement is circular. All movement is circular. Unless you make an effort, things will move circularly. To walk straight requires considerable effort.

"In this world, all movement is circular. Whether it is an atom or a room or the life of a man or a thought, everything moves around and around in this world. Walking straight requires an effort; walking straight is itself a great achievement." Osho
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

religion... real... path... sea... sleep... answer... soul... mahavira... krishna... manu...

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