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Originally published as: The Rajneesh Bible, Volume 7

Osho Book: From Death to Deathlessness


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From Death to Deathlessness

Answers to Seekers of the Path
Sensing the storm about to descend on his American commune, Osho responds to residents’ and visitors’ questions. The topics cover the whole spectrum of human concerns - poverty, AIDS, education, politics, creativity, sexual fulfillment, existentialism, psychology, nuclear war, power, relationships, money. Osho answers each with respect and compassion, always going beyond the surface of the rational mind to the deeper waters, the very source.
Book - Details Chapter Titles
Rebel Publishing House, India
    #1: The Man of Compassion Has to Lie
    #2: Abandon Hope All Those Who Enter Here
    #3: Belief Is a Barrier, Trust Is a Bridge
    #4: The Taste of Peace
    #5: Rebellion Should Be Hilarious
    #6: Wait and You Shall Find
    #7: Doing Is Going to Be Your Undoing
    #8: No Society Rewards Lovers
    #9: My Empire Consists Only of Emperors
    #10: Become More and More Sensuous
    #11: I Am Not Your Father
    #12: The Song of the Tide
    #13: Put Mother Theresa in Jail
    #14: Get out of This Sheepskin
    #15: We Are the Only Alternative
    #16: This Moment: the Golden Key
    #17: Becoming Is Going Away from Being
    #18: Man's Monkey Mind
    #19: Belief Is a Dirty Word
    #20: There Is a Bigger Universe within You
    #21: Science Has to Be Religious
    #22: Tomorrow Is in the Womb of Today
    #23: You Are Born as Freedom
    #24: Blessed Are Those Who Doubt
    #25: Cut the Roots of Guilt
    #26: Your Aloneness Cannot Be Destroyed
    #27: Anonymous Graves
    #28: Education Is Amoral
    #29: Judgment Day: a Very Stupid Idea
    #30: A Sunrise That Never Sets
    #31: The Art of Being Human
    #32: Silence Is the Highest Music
    #33: This Nonsense of Nations
    #34: The Power of Nothingness
    #35: Too Much Doing
    #36: Rise in Love
    #37: The Eternal Light at Your Center
    #38: Enjoy This Orgasmic Moment
    #39: The Journey from Despair
    #40: Your Music Is Your Madness
Excerpt from: From Death to Deathlessness, Chapter 5
"The secret is simple: never take yourself too seriously, then nobody can hurt you. You cannot find any man on the whole earth who has been condemned like me. From all corners, from every country, from every religion, from every political party I have only received condemnation as my reward. But nothing has given me even a scratch.

"Hurt? I don’t know what it means. I never got hurt because I never took myself seriously. I did what I wanted to do, I said what I wanted to say. If they feel hurt and annoyed and start calling me names and condemning me, that is their problem, it is not my problem. I am finished, the moment I have said and done what I wanted to do, I am finished.

"My teachers were always asking me, ‘What kind of man are you? We punish you, and you accept it as if it is a reward. That makes us so worried about you, whether something is wrong with you. Even after school we continue to think about you. ’Whenever a teacher took his cane and hit my hands – he would stop hitting, but I would go on keeping my hands held out, and I would ask him, ‘Is that all? I was expecting much more. You can do it – if not for this act, then do it in advance for something that I am bound to do.’

"Don’t take it seriously - rebellion should be hilarious. It should be with a laugh, then nobody can hurt you. You won’t have any sensitive part, vulnerable; your laughter, your hilariousness will be almost a steel cover over you." Osho
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

trust... music... nobody... freedom... doubt... science... witness... angulimal... reagan... shvetketu...

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