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Gold Nuggets

Messages from Existence
All you have is this very moment, do not go on postponing

Existence is a constant reminder – one just needs to be sensitive and alert to pick up the messages. Gold Nuggets – Messages from Existence is an exquisite collection of 80 nuggets of true and often provocative wisdom on life, love and the world around us. This is not a book of consolations and spiritual platitudes – you will find here thought provoking and perhaps life challenging statements which seem to come directly from existence itself – nagging us not to bypass them, but to let them be strong reminders to wake us from our eternal sleep in unconsciousness. The selected messages create an urgency which is very much in tune with a current world wide growing awareness - that not everything is right with us, humanity and our beautiful planet Earth. We get reminded that we have only one moment in our hands – the real moment. And we will not get this moment again. Either we live it or we leave it unlived.

There are moments when talking is dangerous, when silence is golden. There are moments when talking is beautiful; it is a poetry, it is expression. But remember always, first you must have something to express. And to have that you will need silence. Silence gives you the poetry; words can relate it to others.

These golden moments can be yours just a little art, or rather a little knack, of losing yourself into something vast, something so big that you cannot contain it. But it can contain you! And you can experience it only if you allow it to contain you. Tastefully illustrated with photography and artwork, this book paints a comprehensive picture of "being in the world, but not of it."
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    Gold Nuggets – Message from Existence
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Excerpt from: Gold Nuggets
"The society has managed it so that you will never think about your own potential. And the whole misery is that you are not being yourself. Just be yourself, and then there is no misery and no competition and no botheration that others have more; that you don't have more.
If you like grass to be greener, there is no need to look on the other side of the fence; make the grass greener on your side of the fence. It is such a simple thing to make the grass greener.
Man has to be rooted in his own potential, whatever it is. And the world will be so contented that you cannot believe it." Osho

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