Osho Book: The Great Secret


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The Great Secret

Osho uses ten of Kabir’s incomparable songs that revolve around "the beloved" – the Sufi expression for the state of enlightenment. Though Kabir lived several centuries ago, Osho creates a direct link with him. Through his own innately musical expression he enhances Kabir’s message, rendering it accessible and relevant for every contemporary seeker.
Book - Details Chapter Titles
Rebel Publishing House, India
140 x 210 mm
    #1: Tale of Love, Untellable
    #2: Tell and Still It’s Hidden
    #3: Drunk with Boundless Youth
    #4: A True Lover Never Dies
    #5: One Who Walks Alone
    #6: Why Wander Away?
    #7: Enter Your Temple
    #8: Why Go to Others?
    #9: Relax in Joy
    #10: Come What May, Allow

Excerpt from: The Great Secret, Chapter 1 “I look at you and am convinced of one thing, that you once had something -- some treasure, some symmetry, some secret, some key -- but you have lost it. Every moment, asleep or awake, you are always busy looking for something. It is quite possible you do not know exactly what you are searching for and that you are unaware of what you have lost, but I see the hunger in your eyes. It is apparent in every beat of your heart.”

Excerpt from: The Great Secret, Chapter 3 “Life is a preparation. And the preparation continues every moment. You may or may not be aware of it, but you are moving towards a very great festival. At times you will fall, but you will get up again; at times you will lose your way, but you will find your path again. There is some very powerful destiny, some tremendous pull continuously drawing you towards this great celebration.”


In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

life... existence... intellect... known... crowd... look... music... kabir... vedas... coolidge...

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