Osho Book: Hammer on the Rock


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Hammer on the Rock

Evening Talks with a Modern Buddha
This is a diary of intimate meetings between people of all ages and from all walks of life with a modern buddha, Osho. The issues: sex, work, relationships, death and meditation.

Anyone who has spent a moment looking into his life and trying to find some clarity, will recognize the same mind, the same jealousies, the same pitfalls, the same joys as the people in this book. Now you can have the benefit of Osho’s approach of working with people through his revolutionary science, the psychology of the buddhas.

This book is full of playful tools to heighten our awareness so that we can both deal with the challenges of everyday life and experience what lies beyond our questioning minds.

"Anything that can become a hindrance can become a help. The same stone or rock on the path can become an obstacle or a stepping stone. If you can struggle a little and climb the rock, you can reach a higher point of vision."
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140 x 203 mm
    #Day 1: Surrender Is Just a Beginning
    #Day 2: The Journey Starts but Never Ends
    #Day 3: Be Madly in Love with Life
    #Day 4: Nothing Is Missing
    #Day 5: The Dogs of the Mind Go on Barking
    #Day 6: Paths Are Different, the Goal One
    # Day 7: Life Is a Constant Drama
    #Day 8: Your Mind Means the Past
    #Day 9: You Need a Little Laughter
    #Day 10: Put Yourself Aside
    #Day 11: Something Greater Is Possible
    #Day 12: Aloneness Is a Growth Need
    #Day 13: The Seeking Becomes the Path
    #Day 14: Follow Your Being
    #Day 15: After the Dark Night Is the Dawn
    #Day 16: To Be Natural Is Beautiful
    #Day 17: Responsibility is a Sincerity of the Heart
    # Day 18: You Will Never Be the Same Again
    #Day 19: Each Relationship Is a Mirror
    #Day 20: Love Is the Path
    #Day 21: Be Here and Delight
    #Day 22: Accept Yourself as You Are
    #Day 23: To Be Natural Is the Only Virtue
    #Day 24: Feel Blissful and Thankful
    #Day 25: Freedom Is Your Inner Nature
    #Day 26: In Aloneness You Are Infinite
    #Day 27: There Is Nothing to Do
    #Day 28: Death Never Happens to You
    #Day 29: Life Can Be a Song a Dance
    #Day 30: Live This Moment Totally
    #Day 31: This Can Become a Transformation
Excerpt from: Hammer on the Rock, Day 28
"Just don’t create a problem out of this. Accept it. This is your way, this is how you are. I call this maturity – to accept oneself as one is.

"Don’t create an ideal that you should not be like this, that you should not cop out, that you should finish everything. ‘Shoulds’ have to be dropped. Be natural. Whatsoever happens naturally is good, and all shoulds are repressive. If you are feeling like copping out, cop out. It will be wrong and you will be going against nature if you force yourself and remain in it.

"Everyone should feel their own spontaneity. When you feel you want to withdraw, withdraw; when you want to be with someone, be. If you only want to half do something, only half do it. There is no urgency to complete it… There is nothing wrong in it, nothing wrong in it. You have an idea that one should do things completely. That idea is creating the trouble. There is nothing wrong in it! You half do things – why be worried about it? That worry is your own creation.

"One should start loving oneself, accepting oneself, because there is no other way for you than to be yourself. Just accept, otherwise you will create misery.

"All ‘Shoulds’ are dangerous, and all ideals and perfectionist ideas are very very dangerous. There is no need for them. Whatsoever you can do, do, and enjoy it. When you feel that you want to get out of it, simply get out – with no grudge, no grumble or guilt, so you remain clean and pure." Osho
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

sex... alone... allow... emptiness... freedom... witnessing... aloneness... picasso... gurdjieff... judas...

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