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Osho Book: Kyozan: A True Man of Zen


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Kyozan: A True Man of Zen

Osho uses Kyozans life to make Zen as accessible to the contemporary seeker as preparing a cup of tea. Kyozan was such a simple and ordinary man that, as his own master put it, if it was possible for him to become enlightened, then it is possible for anyone. These talks - based on anecdotes about Kyozans life and on a selection of exquisite haikus - are filled with that promise.
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120 x 340 mm
    #1: The Tremendous Statement
    #2: Zen Is like Wild Flowers
    #3: A Very Fresh Communion
    #4: A Stone Striking Bamboo
Excerpt from: Kyozan: A True Man of Zen, Chapter 1
"Kyozan was a very simple man – not the philosophic kind, not a poet, nor a sculptor. Nothing can be said about him except that he was absolutely authentic, honest. If he does not know a thing he will say so, even at the risk of people thinking that he has fallen from his enlightenment. But this makes him a unique master.

"Zen is full of unique masters, but Kyozan’s uniqueness is his simplicity. He is just like a child. It took Isan, his master, forty years of hard work to make Kyozan enlightened. He was determined, and he said he would not leave the body until Kyozan became enlightened – though he was old enough.

"Kyozan did everything that Isan said, but nothing penetrated to his very being. He was a very ordinary man. Heaven and hell, God and the beyond had never worried him. He was not a seeker in the sense every seeker is – a seeker of truth.

"No, he was not seeking truth, because he is reported to have said that, "If you are seeking the truth you have certainly accepted that truth exists, and I will not accept anything on belief. So I am just seeking, searching in all directions, trying to come in tune with the universe." Osho
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

remember... buddhas... center... beautiful... priest... witnessing... foolishness... kyozan... isan... sudas...

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