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Osho Book: The Mustard Seed


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The Mustard Seed

The Revolutionary Teachings of Jesus
This timely book explores the wisdom of the Gnostic Jesus, who challenges our preconceptions about the world and ourselves. Based on the Gospel of Thomas, the book recounts the missing years in Jesus’ life and his time in Egypt and India, learning from Egyptian secret societies, then Buddhist schools, then Hindu Vedanta. Each of Jesus’ original sayings is the "seed" for a chapter of the book; each examines one aspect of life – birth, death, love, fear, anger, and more – counterpointed by Osho’s penetrating comments and responses to questions from his audience.
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127 x 197 mm
    #1: The Mustard Seed
    #2: Jesus Is Very Paradoxical
    #3: The Marvel of Marvels
    #4: Take No Thought
    #5: The Strangest of Saying
    #6: Absurd! Illogical!
    #7: The Treasure Which Endures
    #8: Make the Two One
    #9: What's Wrong with My Wife?
    #10: Just Enjoying Yourself
    #11: Choose the Eternal
    #12: Come out and I'll Show You
    #13: He Is an Open Secret
    #14: Hurry Slowly
    #15: Poet of the Ultimate
    #16: The Taste of the Pudding
    #17: Movement and Rest
    #18: Sailing in Rough Waters
    #19: God Is Not a Utility
    #20: Mind Is Drunk
    #21: Become a Gardener
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Excerpt from: The Mustard Seed, Chapter 1
"It is a very delicate affair to understand Jesus; you have to pass through a great training. It is just like understanding classical music. If suddenly you are allowed to listen to classical music for the first time you will feel, ‘What nonsense is going on?’ It is so delicate, a long training is needed. You have to be an apprentice for many, many years; only then are your ears trained to catch the subtle – and then there is nothing like classical music. Then ordinary day-to-day music, like film music, is not music at all; it is just noise, and that too, foolish. Because your ears are not trained you live with that noise and you think it is music. But for classical music you need very aristocratic ears. A training is needed, and the more you are trained, the more the subtle becomes visible. But classical music is nothing before a Jesus, because that is the cosmic music. You have to be so silent that there is not a single flicker of thought, not a single movement in your being; only then can you hear Jesus, can you understand Jesus, can you know him.

"Jesus goes on repeating again and again, ‘Those who have ears should be able to understand me. Those who have eyes, see! I am here!’ Why does he go on repeating, ‘Those who have eyes, see! Those who have ears, hear!’ – why? He is talking of some other dimension of understanding only a disciple can understand. Very few understood Jesus, but that is in the very nature of things and bound to be so. Very few – and who were those few? They were not learned scholars, no; they were not professors of the universities, no; they were not pundits or philosophers, no. They were ordinary people: a fisherman, a farmer, a shoemaker, a prostitute – they were very ordinary people, most ordinary, the most ordinary of ordinaries." Osho
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

look... alone... future... society... freedom... peace... recognize... jesus... angulimal... christ...

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