Osho Book: Notes of a Madman


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Notes of a Madman

These talks were given in the unlikely setting of Osho’s dental sessions. Osho speaks in a poetic way on anything that comes to him. It is a rare and intimate glimpse of an enlightened being.

Osho creates a loosely woven tapestry of vivid, humorous and touching impressions and glimpses giving the feeling we are having a personal meeting with the master. This small volume is one of three unique books from talks given in the unlikely setting of his dental sessions.

In this atmosphere, Osho speaks in a poetic way on a wild and wonderful range of subjects. It is a rare and intimate glimpse of enlightenment. He speaks on danger, beauty, madness, freedom, the fool. He tells us that fear is the only enemy of women.

He weaves haikus of his own, and haikus from Zen mystics, with a loved Tibetan mantra: "Of the mortal and the immortal, of darkness and light, of the changing and the unchanging...Om mani padme hum."

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129 x 152 mm
    Sessions 1 to 13
Excerpt from: Notes of a Madman, Session 10
"I am not saying anything of the ego. It is just a joy. I rejoice in my people, that’s what I mean when I say I am proud. I am not comparing with anything, because there are no other people on the earth to whom my people can be compared. It is a rare moment in the history of humanity that only my people are the religious people.

"The bureaucracy, the government, the politics, the stupidity….they are synonymous in my language. They may not be synonyms in the dictionary, but I don’t have a dictionary anymore. For the past few months now I have not read any book. I have stopped reading for the simple reason that what is beautiful has already been understood. Now it is pointless to read. I don’t even read the Vedas, the Bible, the Koran. There is nothing that can be added to my experience, so I have stopped. Why waste your vision, your eyesight? It is not worth it.

"When my doctors started saying that if I still wanted to study I would have to use spectacles, I said, ‘To hell with all books, because I hate spectacles. ’I hate all kinds of specs because they obstruct, they come in between. I want things face to face, directly, immediate. So I have stopped reading books. And the library is so rich, and so big, containing all that is great. But it no longer matters to me, I have gone beyond the words." Osho
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

mantra... beauty... eternal... beautiful... alone... fools... light... magdalena... basho... vedas...

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