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Osho Book: The Osho Upanishad


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The Osho Upanishad (New Edition)

This book is a unique and fascinating chronicle of the play that happens between seekers asking for answers to their burning questions, and Osho giving his farsighted and to-the-point responses.

The book begins with the question, "Could you please explain the work of a mystery school?" And Osho goes on to describe the support that such schools give to the seekers of truth, throughout time, the world over.

Osho explains that "Upanishad" means to be taken into the world of the master - and this is the work of his mystery school. Responding to a myriad of insightful, existential and sincere questions - What is mysticism? What is fear? What is freedom? Buddha, Rinzai, Krishnamurti, Marx, Gandhi, Bodhidharma, Nietzsche, Jesus, Gurdjieff, Zarathustra - they all become grist to Osho’s mill, bringing the reader to the point of awareness where all questions begin to disappear.
Book - Details Chapter Titles
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140 x 216 mm
    #1: The Mystery School
    #2: Bring the Inner and Outer into Harmony
    #3: Love beyond Good and Evil
    #4: Misery Is the Prison
    #5: The Ultimate Evolution of Mind
    #6: Mind Thinks, Meditation Knows
    #7: Silence Is a Song without Words
    #8: The Conspiracy of the Mystics
    #9: The Way of Upanishad
    #10: Understanding Is Transcendence
    #11: A Journey from Fiction to Reality
    #12: To Be an Individual Takes Courage
    #13: The Master's Art
    #14: Beyond Science Is Knowing
    #15: The Art of Remembering
    #16: Truth Is Always Individual
    #17: Truth Is Dangerous
    #18: Go Higher
    #19: Responsibility
    #20: When the Disciple Is Ready?
    #21: Only the Real Can Meet the Real
    #22: A Journey without End
    #23: Nothing' Is My Sword
    #24: Around Me... Something Happens
    #25: Listening Lets the Heart Decide
    #26: Personality Is Created, Individuality Is Born
    #27: This Is Just a Device
    #28: If You Swim, You Miss
    #29: Mysticism, the Forgotten Language
    #30: The Taste of No-mind
    #31: The Greatest Reality in the World
    #32: The Greatest Gamble
    #33: Meditation in the Marketplace
    #34: Not to Be, the Greatest Ecstasy
    #35: A Realization
    #36: The Miracle of the Flower
    #37: India Has a Different Vibe
    #38: The Conspiracy against the Individual
    #39: Must I Say Goodbye?
    #40: My Disciples Are My Garden
    #41: From Information to Transformation
    #42: Be a Seeker, Not a Believer
    #43: A Sunflower Faces the Sun
    #44: Paradise Is for the Courageous
Excerpt from: The Osho Upanishad, Chapter 1
"An upanishad is a mystery school. And we are entering into an upanishad today.

"I was a teacher in the university. I left the university for the simple reason that it stops at the first step. No university requires you to become a disciple; the question of being a devotee or a master simply does not arise. And there are temples which, without making you a student or a disciple, simply enforce devotion on you – which is going to be false, without roots. And there are devotees in churches all over the world, in synagogues, in temples: not knowing anything about disciplehood, they have become disciples, they have become devotees.

"A mystery school is a very systematic encounter with the miraculous. And the miraculous is all around you, both within and without. Just a system is needed. The master simply provides a system to enter slowly into deeper waters, and ultimately to enter a stage where you disappear into the ocean; you become the ocean itself." Osho
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

love... answer... beautiful... trust... truth... ego... mystery... alexander... hanuman... mahakashyapa...

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