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Osho Book: The Perfect Way


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The Perfect Way (New Edition)

A rare book of meditation in which Osho calls himself a "dream breaker." His method of dream breaking includes a meticulous guided tour through the maze of our own minds, toward the inner world of self, toward the zone of silence.

Osho answers fundamental questions about what meditation is, and how we can begin and sustain it in our lives. He does this with precision, thoroughness, humor, and compassion. Here is someone who knows, but who also knows how to convey what he knows. His genius in full flight, he points us as far as one can with words toward the inner world of the self, toward the zone of silence.

"When there are no thoughts, it is then that we come to know the one hidden by our thoughts. When there are no clouds the blue sky is revealed. My friends, there is a sky within you as well." Osho
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122 x 190 mm
    # 1: Listening with the Heart
    # 2: Thought Birth Control
    # 3: Meditation Is Non-Doing
    # 4: Stop and See
    # 5: Naturally Moral
    # 6: Seeing without Thinking
    # 7: I'm a Dream-Breaker
    # 8: The Fully Drowned
    # 9: Entering the Gap
    # 10: A Zone of Silence
    # 11: The Discipline of Witnessing
    # 12: The Dewdrop and the Ocean
    # 13: Birth of a New Man
    # 14: With Infinite Waiting
Excerpt from: The Perfect Way, Chapter 8
"Thoughts are the waves on the ocean of consciousness. They are like transient bubbles, disappearing almost before they are formed. They indicate a troubled and agitated surface. One who is in them cannot be in any depth. To be in them is to be in shallow water. All thoughts are shallow. No thought can be deep, because no wave can be in the depths. Waves are possible only on the surface. Thoughts too are just the play on the surface of consciousness. The ocean is not in the waves, the waves are in the ocean. There cannot be waves without an ocean, but there can be an ocean without waves. There cannot be any thoughts without consciousness, but there can be consciousness without thoughts.

"Consciousness is the source, the basis. If you wish to know it you will have to move behind the waves, you will have to go beyond the waves. You are not to keep sitting on the seashore. Kabir has said, "I went in search, but foolishly kept sitting on the shore."Please don’t sit on the shore in this same way. There is nothing on the shore, you are to move into that to which the shore belongs. The shore is only there so you can jump into the sea.

"And it is also possible that a man may not remain standing on the shore but may remain floating on the waves. In my view, that too is only the shore. Whatever stops one from diving in and drowning is the shore. People swimming in thought are like this. They are under the illusion that they have left the shore but in actual fact they haven’t." Osho
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

truth... religion... meditation... desire... ignorance... outside... light... bodhidharma... mahavira... vishnu...

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