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Osho Book: Philosophia Perennis, Series 2


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Philosophia Perennis, Series 2

Talks on Pythagoras, the Philosopher and Mystic
As well as being a famous mathematician, Pythagoras also traveled extensively in search of truth, learning from many mystery schools. Had he been listened to, says Osho, the history of the western world would have been totally different.

Many of us know Pythagoras’ famous theorem in geometry but few of us are aware that he also traveled extensively in search of truth, learning from many mystery schools.

Being both mathematician and mystic, he was the first enlightened person to experiment with creating a synthesis between science and mysticism. So Pythagoras is a man close to Osho’s heart, with this understanding that materialism and spirituality – East and West, body and soul – exist together, as complementary parts of a harmonious whole.

All that remains of Pythagoras’ mystical teachings are these Golden Verses of Pythagoras, on which Osho expands, giving us insights into Pythagoras’ profound understanding of the mysteries of existence, and his commonsense approach to life.
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143 x 209 mm
    #1: The Golden Mean
    #2: Zorba the Buddha
    #3: More and More Mystery
    #4: The Inner and the Outer
    #5: A Totally New Dimension
    #6: Enlightenment Is Your Birthright
    #7: Live Moment to Moment
    #8: All Revolutions Have Failed
    #9: Dependence Is Not One-way Traffic
    #10: Aesthetics: the Real Morality
    #11: You Are Perfect
Excerpt from: Philosophia Perennis, Series 2, Chapter 4
"The moment one starts thinking that one has to be exceptional, extraordinary, someone special, one will remain in misery forever, because everybody is already special, already exceptional, and extraordinary. Now, how can you make an extraordinary person more extraordinary? You are going to fail.

"People fail in attaining extraordinariness because they are already it. If they were not, they might have succeeded. Each individual is unique, incomparable. Never before has there been anybody like you, and never again will there be anybody like you. You are just yourself, a class unto yourself.

"Now, trying to become exceptional is foolish. You have to relax and see that you are unique; you need not become unique. If you try to transform gold into gold you will fail, because how can you succeed? In the first place the gold is gold; you can transform baser metals into gold but you cannot transform gold into gold." Osho
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

sex... energy... god... listen... misery... anger... living... pythagoras... delgado... edison...

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