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Osho Book: The Psychology of the Esoteric


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The Psychology of the Esoteric (2nd Edition)

Insights into Energy and Consciousness
Osho begins where Western psychology ends. Beyond Freud and Jung, beyond the Human Potential Movement, to the psychology of enlightenment and buddhahood.

In these talks, Osho explores the world of the esoteric. He gives insight and meaning to the subtlest expressions of human energy including kundalini, tension and relaxation in the seven energy bodies, and the significance of dreaming. He shows how by simply being in the present moment and becoming aware or our vital energy, our ordinary, day-today lives can become filled with wonder and mystery.

"Existence is energy, the movement of energy in so many shapes and so many forms."
Book - Details Chapter Titles
Rebel Publishing House, India
130 x 197 mm
    #1: Inward Revolution
    #2: The Mystery of Meditation
    #3: Sex, Love and Prayerfulness: Three Steps to the Divine
    #4: Kundalini Yoga: Returning to the Roots
    #5: Esoteric Games: A Hindrance to Growth
    #6: The Psychology of Dreams
    #7: Transcending the Seven Bodies
    #8: Becoming and Being
    #9: The Fallacy of Knowledge
    #10: Truth, Goodness, Beauty: Windows to the Divine
    #11: Right Questioning
    #12: Balancing the Rational and the Irrational
Excerpt from: The Psychology of the Esoteric, Chapter 1
"With the possibility of choice, anxiety follows like a shadow. Now everything has to be chosen; everything is a conscious effort. You alone are responsible. If you fail, you fail. It is your responsibility. If you succeed, you succeed. It is again your responsibility. And every choice is ultimate in a sense. You cannot undo it, you cannot forget it, you cannot go back on it. Your choice becomes your destiny. It will remain with you and be a part of you; you cannot deny it. But your choice is always a gamble. Every choice is made in darkness because nothing is. That is why man suffers from anxiety. He is anxious to his very roots. What torments him, to begin with, is: To be or not to be? To do or not to do? To do this or to do that? ‘No choice’ is not possible. If you do not choose, then you are choosing not to choose; it is a choice. So you are forced to choose; you are not free not to choose. Not choosing will have as much effect as any other choice.

"The dignity, the beauty and the glory of man is this consciousness. But it is a burden also. The glory and the burden come simultaneously the minute you become conscious. Every step is a movement between the two. With man, choice and conscious individuality come into existence. You can evolve, but your evolution will be an individual endeavor. You may evolve to become a buddha or you may not. The choice is yours.

"So there are two types of evolution: collective evolution and individual, conscious evolution. Evolution implies unconscious, collective progress, so it would be better to use the word revolution in talking about man. With man, revolution becomes possible.

"Revolution, as I am using the word here, means a conscious, individual effort toward evolution. It is bringing individual responsibility to a peak." Osho
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

sex... aware... outside... dreaming... brain... consciousness... oneness... vivekananda... gurdjieff... ramakrishna...

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