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Osho Book: Returning to the Source - Edition 1


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Returning to the Source (First Edition)

Talks on Zen
This book is a glorious mixture of no-nonsense Zen and sublime poetic mystery. Starting with the flesh and bones of these ten beautiful Zen stories, Osho takes us deeper and deeper into ourselves, back to the source, our source.
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Rebel Publishing House, India
145 x 222 mm
    #1: One Short Note
    #2: Throw It Out!
    #3: The Abbot of Nansen
    #4: The Good Wife
    #5: This Is Egoism
    #6: The Two Concubines
    #7: Snowflakes as Beautiful as These
    #8: The First Principle
    #9: The Practical Joke
    #10: Making a Nuisance
Excerpt from: Returning to the Source, Chapter 2
"When you are conscious of time you are in the grip of death. When you are not conscious of time, death simply cannot enter. It enters through time. Death is time, and life is eternal, timeless. You are life, not death.

"What did the doctors do to that poor old man? They suggested to him, ‘Now you don’t work, you rest, because if you rest you can live even longer; you may live two centuries, and that will be a phenomenon for medical science!’ So they helped him to rest. They put him on a bed and they started giving him injections and vitamins. He was dead within two years – he had become so conscious and worried.

"If you are too concerned with the body you become the body. If you go on looking in the mirror you become the body. That’s why women age faster than men – the mirror. And the miracle is, basically they live longer than men but they age faster. On average, all over the world, they live four years longer than men, but they age faster. They lose their beauty and their youth quickly. The mirror kills them – continuously meditating on the body.

"Meditate on the inner being, not on the body. Find a mirror which reflects you, not the body. That mirror which reflects you is meditation. The more you meditate, the more ageless you become." Osho
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

love... self... reality... life... aware... listen... ego... nansen... teng... joshu...

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