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Osho Book: Satyam Shivam Sundaram: Truth Godliness Beauty


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Satyam Shivam Sundaram: Truth Godliness Beauty

An invitation by Osho to discover that the more comfortable we are with being ourselves, the easier it is to go beyond ourselves – to be able to relax, meditate, laugh at ourselves and enjoy our lives each and every moment.

Osho’s words and silences reawaken the poet in our souls as he responds to questions on:
the mystic rose, how watching leads to no-mind, how hypnosis can help meditation, running away from ourselves, "the great love affair", jealousy, boredom, sex, loving ourselves, relaxation, getting older, music, creativity, politics and war, dropping our masks, fear of the new?.

Reading this book is like being invited, with great respect and humor, to join a party Osho is throwing to celebrate the ultimate mystic reality. As the party progresses we find that the more comfortable we are with being ourselves the easier it is to go beyond ourselves – be able to meditate, relax, laugh at ourselves and enjoy our lives each and every moment.

"Truth is the experience, shivam is the action that comes out of the experience, and beauty is the flowering of consciousness of the man who has experienced truth. These three are the ultimate reality for those who are on the mystical path."
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165 x 212 mm
    #1: Truth, Beauty, Godliness
    #2: The Poetry of Tears
    #3: Living with the Eternal
    #4: Burning Up
    #5: The Art of Let-go
    #6: Wings for Your Freedom
    #7: The Mind
    #8: Going Alone
    #9: The Great Affair
    #10: The Fragrance of Friendliness
    #11: Wise, Not Otherwise
    #12: Real or Unreal
    #13: Permanent Change
    #14: The Biggest Lies in the Loudest Voice
    #15: Flowers, Not Thorns
    #16: The Miracle of Meditation
    #17: Yes Is Your Soul
    #18: The Mystic Rose
    #19: Natural Sex
    #20: The Radiation of Enlightenment
    #21: No Mind, No Time
    #22: Closer to Life
    #23: Life Is a Blessing
    #24: A Few Leaves Are Enough
    #25: The Territory of Silence
    #26: Contagious Health
    #27: Love and Fear
    #28: To Be a Stranger
    #29: Hypnosis in the Service of Meditation
    #30: The Ultimate New
Excerpt from: Satyam Shivam Sundaram: Truth Godliness Beauty, Chapter 1
"The mystic is the greatest flowering of human consciousness. His ultimate vision can be described in three beautiful words that have been used for thousands of years, and there has not been any improvement on them. They are three words from the ancient-most sources: satyam shivam sundaram.

"Satyam means the truth – not what you think about it, but what it is; not your idea about it, but its reality. To know this truth you have to be utterly absent. Your very presence will distort the vision – because your presence means the presence of your mind, your prejudices, your conditionings. You are nothing else but a bundle of all that has been forced upon you by the religions, by the society, by the so-called leaders of humanity.

"Your absence means the absence of all prejudices, of all borrowed knowledge: absence of the Christian, absence of the Hindu, absence of the Mohammedan….just a pure sky, a pure being. I am using the word absence to deny all that is not you.

"But don’t misunderstand me: this absence of you is your real presence. Only the prejudices are absent. The ego is absent, your knowledgeability is absent but your being shows in its utter purity. You disappear as a personality and there remains only a pure presence. So on one side it is absence of all that is false in you, and on the other side it is presence of all that is real in you. In this state you don’t think, you simply see.

"This seeing of existence is the first experience of the mystic contained in the word satyam. Satyam means the truth: not any conception about it, but truth itself.

"The second word, shivam, means virtue – all that is good, all that is valuable, all that is the most precious in you: the ultimate good. The man who comes to experience the truth starts living the truth immediately. There is no other alternative. His living the truth is shivam. Shivam means truth in action, truth in your life, truth in your love, truth in your friendship, truth in your eyes and truth in your heart. Shivam is the action of truth. Truth itself is the center of the cyclone, but if you experience the truth, the cyclone around you becomes shivam. It becomes pure godliness." Osho
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

trust... love... music... path... question... witnessing... breathing... alexander... adam... shron...

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