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Osho Book: Tantric Transformation - Edition 1


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Tantric Transformation

Talks on The Royal Song of Saraha
In this second volume of Osho’s talks on Saraha’s Royal Song, Osho explains the goal of Tantra. He describes the Tantra map of inner consciousness, including the four seals or locks that open in us as we move higher in meditation.

Speaking with profound wisdom and compassion on The Song of Saraha, Osho shows how he truly understands the fabric of our lives on earth, seeing both the splendor and despair of our Western ways, and the doubt, misery and guilt that are the legacy of our Judeo-Christian conditionings. He encourages us to turn inward, to expand to the uttermost and to learn the Tantric language of love that will finally bring us joy and celebration in life.

"The Song of Saraha – that is its Tibetan title. Nobody knows who wrote it down. One thing is certain, Saraha never did, he just sang it. But it has the fragrance that the man knew, that he had attained. The song is not the composition of a poet but a realization of a mystic. It is just a few lines, but of such grandeur and beauty that the stars can feel ashamed."

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138 x 216 mm
1st Edition
    #1: The Tantra Map
    #2: Freedom Is a Higher Value
    #3: Breaking the Four Seals
    #4: Trust Cannot Be Betrayed
    #5: From Nothing to Nothing
    #6: I Am Enough Alone
    #7: Intelligence Is Meditation
    #8: Love Makes No Shadow
    #9: No-mind Is the Door
    #10: Just a Remembrance
Excerpt from: Tantric Transformation, Chapter 7
"All my obscurities, all my hindrances – things that were obstructing my vision – are removed. I can see reality directly. Repressions are no longer there, my energies are in a flow. I am not against my body, I am not inimical to my body, I am one with my body. The division is dropped. My senses are all open and functioning at the optimum. My mind is silent, there is no obsessive thinking. When I need to I think, when I don’t need to I don’t think. I am the master of my house. A light was born in me, and with that light, all obscurities have disappeared. Now nothing obstructs me, my vision is total. The wall that was around me has disappeared.

"That wall consists of three things: repressions in the body, dust in the senses, and thoughts in the mind. These are the three bricks that the China Wall around you is made of. Remove these bricks and the wall disappears. And when the wall is gone, you come to know the One." Osho

Review by: The Book Reader, USA

"You don't just read Osho, you undefine yourself."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

intelligence... tantra... experience... reality... space... freedom... enjoy... saraha... picasso... udallaka...

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