Osho Book: The Voice of Silence


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The Voice of Silence

Discourses on Mabel Collins' Light on the Path
Osho provides a step-by-step approach on how to find our inner voice.

"It is out of you that the path will be born, and in the end the destination will also arise from you." As these beautiful talks on Mabel Collins’ Light on the Path unfold, Osho provides a step-by-step approach on how to find our inner voice, the voice of silence, so that we can begin, travel on, and complete the journey from unconsciousness to consciousness.

"Once you have heard the inner voice there is no more going astray in life.... The one who travels and the one who guides are one and the same."
Book - Details Chapter Titles
Rebel Publishing House, India
140 x 225 mm
    #1: Ambition
    #2: Desire for Life
    #3: A Sense of Separateness
    #4: Desire for Sensation
    #5: Desire Only That Which Is Within You
    #6: Desire of Self-Mastery
    #7: Seek Out the Way
    #8: Attainment of the Way
    #9: The Voice of Silence
    #10: That Witness Is You
    #11: Listen to the Song of Life
    #12: The Lesson of Harmony
    #13: Reverence for Life
    #14: Respect Your Heart
    #15: Inquire of the Holy Ones
    #16: Inquire of the Inmost
    #17: The Manifestation of the Invisible
Excerpt from: The Voice of Silence, Chapter 14
"Dropping your personality means only one thing: you have realized that you are not your personality, and whenever you wish, you can take it off and put it to one side. This much is sufficient. Now, for carrying out your work in society, you can keep it on. But it has become a play for you, you are no more a slave to it. Now, for the sake of society, you can put on the cloak of your personality, but for yourself you can take it off and put it to one side. When you are meditating, you no longer remain a personality, you become only a soul. In this way, the outer world becomes a drama for you and you start acting in it. An intelligent person will inevitably live in society only as an actor acting, and in no other way. His relationship with society is only that of being an actor in a play." Osho
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

outside... desire... music... celibacy... pain... moment... attained... socrates... jesus... mahavira...

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