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Osho Book: The Zen Manifesto: Freedom from Oneself - Edition 1


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The Zen Manifesto: Freedom from Oneself

A collection of the last talks given publicly by Osho, in which he makes it clear that the West’s comprehension of Zen is still largely intellectual, rather than truly recognizing the penetrating experiential truth that Zen points to – which extends far, far beyond the mind.

"As you savor the chapters, you’ll discover that Osho is like a Zen archer. Almost poetically he circles his target, surveying it over and over again from many positions before he draws back his bow and lets the arrow fly."
Robert Rimmer, USA. Author of The Harrad Experiment and Proposition 31
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Rebel Publishing House, India
150 x 210 mm
    #1: This Disappearance Is Anatta
    #2: Let the Christian Ship Drown
    #3: To Wait, to Wait for Nothing
    #4: Freedom Not Licentiousness
    #5: The Sky of Completion
    #6: Chaos – the Very Nature of Existence
    #7: Mind Only Thinks, Meditation Lives
    #8: Inscape – the Ultimate Annihilation
    #9: Small Intervals of Light
    #10: The Less You Are, the More You Are
    #11: Sammasati – the Last Word
Excerpt from: The Zen Manifesto: Freedom from Oneself, Chapter 1
"It is time, ripe time for a Zen manifesto.

"The Western intelligentsia have become acquainted with Zen, have also fallen in love with Zen, but they are still trying to approach Zen from the mind. They have not yet come to the understanding that Zen has nothing to do with mind.
Its tremendous job is to get you out of the prison of mind. It is not an intellectual philosophy; it is not a philosophy at all. Nor is it a religion, because it has no fictions and no lies, no consolations. It is a lion’s roar. And the greatest thing that Zen has brought into the world is freedom from oneself.

"All the religions have been talking about dropping your ego – but it is a very weird phenomenon: they want you to drop your ego, and the ego is just a shadow of God. God is the ego of the universe, and the ego is your personality. Just as God is the very center of existence according to religions, your ego is the center of your mind, of your personality. They have all been talking about dropping the ego, but it cannot be dropped unless God is dropped. You cannot drop a shadow or a reflection unless the source of its manifestation is destroyed.

"So religions have been saying continuously, for centuries, that you should get rid of the ego – but for wrong reasons. They have been asking you to drop your ego so you can surrender to God, so you can surrender to the priests, so you can surrender to any kind of nonsense, any kind of theology, superstition, belief system.

"But you cannot drop the ego if it is a reflection of God. God is a lie, out there in the universe, and ego is a lie within your mind. Your mind is simply reflecting a bigger lie according to its size.

"Religions put humanity in a great dilemma: they went on praising God, and they went on condemning the ego. So people were in a very split state, in a schizophrenic space. They tried hard to drop the ego, but the harder they tried, the harder it became to drop it - because who was going to drop it? The ego was trying to drop itself. That’s an impossibility." Osho
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

nothingness... experience... zen... witness... center... consciousness... self... tanka... tozan... sekishitsu...

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