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The Art of Living and Dying

Why are we afraid of death? Should we tell someone they are dying? Is reincarnation true?
A practical guidance for meditation and support for the art of living and dying.

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Book - also available as an eBook
It's All about Change
The Greatest Challenge to Create a Golden Future for Humanity

"If anything is to be done for the future, now is the time. Otherwise the greatest evolution of consciousness in the universe will disappear– and that is not only a loss to the earth, but to the whole of existence." Osho

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Above All, Don't Wobble
Individual Meetings with a Contemporary Mystic

These recorded evening meetings give the phenomenon of enlightenment a contemporary, personal focus. One by one, disciples and visitors sit in front of Osho, alone or as part of a therapy group, to receive his individualized advice on their questions and life experiences.

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Book - also available as eBook | AudioBook Series
Absolute Tao (New Edition)
Subtle is the way to love, happiness and truth

Osho is using the Tao Te Ching as Lao Tzu intended: to ignite the flame of individual awareness and insight.

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Book - also available as eBook | AudioBook Series
Ancient Music in the Pines
In Zen, Mind Suddenly Stops

Today, humanity is caught up in the mad complexity of the mind and there is an urgent need to rediscover simplicity and innocence.

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