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Chuang Tzu's Dream

Is it Chuang Tzu, the famous Taoist master or the butterfly that comes alive through these enchanted flutes and guitar melodies?
Listen and be... on cloud nine.

"Chuang Tzu, the famous Taoist master, was renowned for his illogical methods. He was a genius of the absurd.
Early one morning he rang the temple bell, summoning his disciples to the meeting hall. When the monks were seated, he entered and took his place at the head of the assembly. He sat silently for a few moments, then began: "Last night I had a beautiful dream," said Chuang Tzu. "I dreamt I was a butterfly carried about on a gentle breeze, flying from flower to flower in the warm sunshine. The dream was so real I can still smell the fragrance of those flowers even as I speak to you.
However, since waking up this morning, I’m so confused. This dream has shaken the very foundations of my reality.
The problem is – I don’t know who I am anymore! Am I Chuang Tzu, the one who was dreaming last night he was a butterfly? Or am I the butterfly, perhaps resting now on a leaf somewhere, dreaming she is Chuang Tzu?"

"The monks laughed. But when Chuang Tzu closed his eyes, they sensed his sincerity, and so began to meditate in earnest on the master’s dilemma.
The chief disciple got up and walked outside. There in the temple courtyard was a well from which he drew a bucket of water. Carrying it back inside, he walked up to where Chuang Tzu was sitting and promptly began pouring the icy contents over the master’s head.
Chuang Tzu opened his eyes wide. Throwing his arms in the air, he laughed: "You have solved my problem," he shouted. "I am absolutely sure now who is Chuang Tzu and who is the butterfly. Just please – stop pouring this cold water over my head!"

"Still laughing Chuang Tzu stood up, bowed to Lieh Tzu, and left the assembly.
Lieh Tzu was greatly enlightened by this incident, and eventually became Chuang Tzu’s successor".

– – –

"Blessed are these mornings... ten thousand people are entering into a deep silence, into nothingness
Precious are these moments
Feel the splendor and the beauty of silence
This is the holy land
This is where the fire does not burn but is cool
This is where you will find your Buddha".

Osho, excerpted from: Signatures on Water
and Zen: The Language of Existence
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Excerpt from: Osho, The Voice of Silence, Chapter 11
"There is a natural music, a hidden source of treasure in every human heart. It may be covered, it may be concealed, it may appear to be silent – but nevertheless, it is there.

"Listen to the song of life. The first condition for listening is that you begin by listening for it in your heart. Without this, the outer music will not be heard. You listen to the outer music and perhaps you may even think that you understand it; you may sway your heads with joy, in bliss and affirmation. But if you have never heard the inner music, then all this will be just superficial and you will never really be able to enter into the world of music.

"Music is spiritual. Until you have experienced the melody of your heart, until each and every breath is in a musical rhythm, until the very throbbing of your life has become a harp, until you can hear the melody of life which needs no creating but is already happening within you, which you already areuntil you have heard it, you will never be able to recognize the eternal melody which goes on echoing in the very fabric of the universe. But once you have heard the melody of your heart, you will find it all around you; in the murmuring of the waterfall, in the wind passing through the leaves of the trees, in the falling of a stone, in the flowing of a river, in the silence, the stillness of the night, in the sound of the crickets. Everywhere you will start hearing the reverberations of your heart. This whole world will become a song for you." Osho

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